BlogPollin': The Week 2 Preliminary

So. We only have one week's worth of data, which does not a computer ranking system make. That means we're doing it by hand, once again. This is generally a resume-type system, but once again, remember that the brass has no clue what's going on either, and feedback is encouraged, much like retribution.

What mattered this week? A couple of primers:

  • If you're going to play someone who doesn't matter, you best be prolific. Want to schedule an easily winnable money game to make the fans happy? Sure, that's your prerogative, but that better be, say, a 57-3 beatdown and not a 42-38 escape job.
  • If you're going to play someone who matters and you win, good things await. Similarly, if you get played off the field and need a QB change and a two-hour rain delay to get back into it, you're going to get punished.
  • I have no clue what's going on yet. Remember this. I might not have a clue by the end of the season, either.

And now, I wing it. BlogPoll preliminary rankings go!

2 Boise State
3 Alabama
4 Oklahoma
5 Stanford
6 Wisconsin
7 Texas A&M
8 Nebraska
9 Florida State
10 Oregon
11 Virginia Tech
12 Ohio State
13 Arkansas
14 South Carolina
15 Mississippi State
16 Oklahoma State
17 Baylor
18 Arizona State
19 Florida
20 Penn State
21 West Virginia
22 South Florida
23 BYU
24 Texas
25 Michigan State

As always, I attempt to justify myself below the jump.

  • The Contenders: LSU, Boise State, Alabama, Oklahoma, Stanford, Wisconsin. It got crowded up at the top in a hurry, but all these teams took care of business with a Coke and a smile. LSU and Boise State have the best skins on the wall so far (with the possible exception of South Florida and Baylor, who have something to say about that). Everyone else did what was asked of them; I'd be concerned about Oklahoma's box score, but Tulsa has one heck of an offense and OU ran 100(!) plays after penalties. Carry on, sirs. I'd be open to upward mobility for Alabama and OU, but there's a big skin argument to be made at this point.
  • The Hangin' Out Club: Texas A&M. Revisions likely here, but they haven't played, so they haven't moved.
  • On Deck: Nebraska, Florida State, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Ohio State. Generally speaking, these guys did what was expected - and Virginia Tech looked downright dominant, but quality of opponent kind of matters. (Then again, Ohio State arguably played the toughest opponent of the four teams who won in this group.) Oregon's here because I don't know where to put them; I have a sneaking suspicion last night's game was a Springfield Mystery Spot for them, so they're probably not this bad; on the other hand, they lost and have injury issues. On the other other hand, LSU's defense may be the fastest they see all year.
  • The Half Credit Society: Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State. This, again, was more of the expected. I don't like Arkansas this high, but South Carolina and Oklahoma State forgot to show up on defense (that being said, ECU's better than you think, even if their ostensible defensive-minded HC is presiding over a dumpster fire on that side of the ball) and Mississippi State's demolition job on Memphis was against, well, Memphis. Even we ran 50 on Memphis, and we didn't allow 14 (edit: I don't know what I'm doing).
  • Admiral Sir Robert C. "Cream" Griffin III, Esq: Baylor. I don't think Baylor truly deserves 17th, but that was one heck of a game that deserves some kind of ranking for posterity. Baylor's going to be ranked, though.
  • Well, That Was Unexpected: Arizona State, Penn State, Florida. Sure, their opponents had the quality of Cheez-Whiz, but they at least smeared them on enough crackers to make them worthwhile.
  • Hangin' Out Club, vol. 2: West Virginia. Please win by 75 so I can at least put 17 legitimate teams in this ranking.
  • Road Warriors: South Florida, BYU. Tongue planted firmly in cheek in the latter case (also, how Ole Miss is is to get up 13-0 thanks in part to a 97-yard pick-six and then lose 14-13?), but South Florida took it to Notre Dame. I'd be open to upward mobility on their part, but BJ Daniels is still a walking wild card the likes of which will make Jacory Harris blush with envy.
  • Get It Together: Texas, Michigan State, Missouri, Air Force. Yeah, I had to rank two of these teams. I don't think I can put into words how bad Michigan State looked for most of their game, and Texas shouldn't need three quarters to put friggin' Rice away, especially if Rice forgot their best player (Sam McGuffie) on the sidelines.
  • Outside Looking In: Georgia, TCU, Georgia Tech, Arizona, UCF, Cincinnati. How'd you know we were scraping the bottom of the barrel already?
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