Expansion Debacle: whose on your list?

So by now we have all heard about the Texas A&M SEC fiasco.

I'm not going to rehash a zillion reasons why this is good or bad. Plenty of folks a lot more knowledgeable and more informed than I am have already done so. Suffice it to say insofar as my thoughts go change is inevitable and is the only constant in anything.

Two things I want to throw out there however...


First one is TeamSpeedKills has a great write up on ways to make the scenario palatable. Given the amount of legal beagles we have roaming the halls of RTT, I thought it might be interesting to see what some of you come up with based on TSK's ideas. If you got some of your own lets hear'em as well.


Finally, (and this one is the big one)

Who do you think will be next?

Put me in the Missouri boat, and not just because I live here.

Arkansas has no real "local" rivals.  LSU is the closest competitor at 400 miles. Having a school that was closer would be a benefit to all involved and encourage some rivalry. It would also, quite frankly, humble some of these Razorback fanatics I hang out with as they have no one nearby to keep them humble aside from myself. Right. Moving on.

Compare that to Tennessee vs Vanderbilt or even Georgia at just over 200 miles. In the heart of the SEC where in less than 4 hours you can catch any number of games quickly. The distance helps contribute to some of our best rivalries and storied events of our past. Out in this neck of the woods? Not so much.

Mizzou gives some variety to the SEC West even if we are pushing the envelope on the whole "south" part of the definition.  Loser with Socks (I won't link it just because his site is not exactly family friendly) brought up some excellent points as well....Academically MSU is solid, they would also bring in a sizable draw to the SEC monetarily from both St Louis and Kansas City which plays in to the TV factor. Not to mention it gives the SEC a much stronger recruiting footprint.

MSU has a good fan base, with a good draw.  Their fan base overall is a lot like ours, and just as down to earth.  Their football program is good. SEC good? No. But of all the schools named they are one of the few whom i think could get to that point once in system.


Having to possibly three different teams with the name "Tigers" could get pretty [FULMERIZED} boring.

Thats my take.

Who you got on your list?

Try to keep it realistic if you can (I mean I think we'd love to see someone like...say..Oregon...but lets face's not going to happen)

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