Longing for Coacho Ocho


There is not one of us that was happy with the way the 2008 season played out, but I am willing to bet that 90% of us would take those 8 win seasons right about now. Don't take this the wrong way. I thought it was time for a change within our football organization, but I was not at all happy with the way it went down. You don't run a coach like Fulmer out mid season and then hire Kiffin. None of that is Dooley's fault, but so what. He is paid to win football games and that is not happening. PERIOD!!!! I look at the way Fulmer, who coached/played here for 30+ years, was treated, and wonder why Dooley is getting a pass? Lets look at a few stats from the Dooley era.

Dooley vs. top 25 teams = 0-13

Dooley's bowl record = 0-1 (he did manage to get a new rule created from this loss)

Dooley's SEC record = 4-15

Dooley's record against the big 3 = 0-5

Dooley's record against Kentucky 1-1 (ending the longest winning streak in the country)

Since when is this acceptable for anyone coaching at the university of Tennessee? Tennessee fans put a moving van, and for sale signs, in Bill Battle's front yard and he went to bowl games in each of his first five seasons. Why is Dooley getting a pass? Oh... it is because he inherited a mess. Oh... he came in right before signing day. Oh... He has had to replace his entire coaching staff. Oh... fill in excuse here. So what? This is not acceptable. It never has been, and it never should be acceptable here. If we could run a hall of fame coach off for having 2 losing seasons in 17 years, then what does a coach who has not had a wining season get. I will tell you what. One of these:


I am done making excuses for our performance. When it comes down to it that is all it is. An excuse. We were out-coached tonight against MSU. It is time for change once again. It is going to be painful. It may set us back again. It may take longer to get back. It is painfully obvious now that it is going to take another change to get back. This coaching staff is not the one to take us back to the top of the SEC. They cannot bridge the gap. I am waiting for the coacho cinco shirts to pop up. After all this guy is not a Tennessee guy. Hell.. He is a Georgia guy. What is taking so long.

I want to make one other statement. I will not stop going to the games. I will not stop screaming my lungs out. I will not stop wearing my orange as I travel, and catch hell, all around this country. The players over there have no say in this. We owe them our support. This coach? Well... That support is waning.

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