BlogPollin', Week 10 Preliminary: Circular Beatpaths Ahoy


There is no right answer to figuring out the LSU / Florida / Georgia / South Carolina massacre right now. None. And that isn't even the most surprising thing in the preliminary rankings.

This is going to be strange; let's not waste time. If you've been here, you know the drill.

1. Kansas State

2. Notre Dame

3. Alabama

4. Oregon

Yeah, we know. The reasoning is basically solely on a skins-on-the-wall basis; Alabama and Oregon will probably jump to 1-2 if they win next week, but K-State's wins are incredible right now and deserve mentioning and credit (roadies at Norman, a decimation job in Morgantown, and avoiding the Paul Rhoads Home Game - ask Mike Gundy how that can end up: home wins against Texas Tech and, um, Miami) and it's not like Notre Dame is a slouch (Oklahoma, Stanford, Michigan, Michigan State, BYU, Miami). Their whole resume at this point is better than anything Alabama or Oregon can offer (combined: Mississippi State, Arizona, Washington, Michigan again, Western Kentucky).

It's not going to stay that way, mind you - Alabama closes strong with LSU, Texas A&M, and the SECCG if they get that far; Oregon gets USC, Stanford, and Oregon State before the Pac-12 CG. But for right now, this week? Sure.

5. Florida

6. LSU

7. Florida State

8. South Carolina

9. Georgia

10. Oklahoma

11. Oregon State

This sucks. Rough workaround: Florida's got the best two wins (LSU, South Carolina), LSU has the edge over South Carolina, Florida shot themselves in both feet, both legs, an arm, and their gut against Georgia, South Carolina did the same thing against Florida, Georgia got rolled by South Carolina but beat the team at the top of this, Florida State's loss is starting to look flukier after dominating Duke()!, Oklahoma's doing the hold serve / lose to better teams thing, Oregon State barely lost on the road but we weren't sure what they were doing in the first place. Got it? I'm pretty sure you can put these teams in any order you want.

12. Stanford

13. Texas A&M

14. Louisville

Oddly, this was the easiest placement - Stanford's got that weird Washington loss, but losing barely against Notre Dame (in a "don't let the referees decide the game in South Bend" special) isn't bad, and A&M's sporting losses to the 5 and 6 teams, but have been housing everyone else. Louisville? Well, they're undefeated. Barely.

15. Texas Tech

16. Arizona

17. Southern Cal

18. Mississippi State

19. Clemson

20. Louisiana Tech

About the only things we're sure of: Texas Tech has a decent resume, head-to-head police for Arizona-Southern Cal, and Mississippi State and Clemson's best win combined is either Ball State or Tennessee.

21. Toledo

22. West Virginia

23. Utah State

24. Oklahoma State

25. Cincinnati

Toledo beat Cincinnati (and Cincinnati's resume, even at two losses, isn't half bad). West Virginia probably deserves to be ranked, and beyond that? Well, whatever.

Consideration pile: Northern Illinois, ULM, WKU, Tulsa, Ohio, UCLA, Arizona State, Kent State, Bowling Green, Rutgers, Boise State, half the B1G, half the Big 12

The Fightin' Clawsons are 6-3 now, and - had they beat Virginia Tech - might've ended up ranked. Hi Will!

Anyway, we'll submit soon. Help a brother out, because we're just pointing at things and shrugging.

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