One passionate fan's plea

It is painfully obvious, at this point, that Dooley is not going to be the coach here in the future. The die has been cast. Hart only has two choices.

1) Fire Dooley

2) Try to keep Dooley and look for a new job.

None of us wanted to see this happen when Dooley was announced over 3 years ago. We all had high hopes for this team and this program. We got behind Dooley just as we had gotten behind Kiffin.

This is where things went wrong. We got behind a coach and not our players, or even our university. We shouldn't let a coach divide us. We should be arguing about who we hate more. Alabama or Florida. (Just for arguments sake I hate Bama more. Buck FAMA!!!!!)I want all of you to watch the video below. It is of the swimming and diving team, but it is important for several reasons.

1) This is who we are really supporting. When you don't go to a football game you are affecting a lot more than the coach.

2) This is the impact that this university has on people.

Did you really listen to that? They asked "What has Tennessee meant to you?".

"It's developed me from a boy teenager to man."

"Tennessee has been about being a family"

"My time here at Tennessee has taught me to be a man."

"It's been everything."

"It just gets me a little bit emotional talking about it."

This is who we should be supporting. This is who is important over there. I am asking you to go to the game against Kentucky. Go support these seniors. Dooley's fate has been sealed. You are sending the wrong message if you do not go to this game. I will be there. My dad called and wanted to make sure I was taking the kids. His message? "The time with them is way more important than who is the coach.". Take your kids. If you don't have kids then take someone else's kids. Just go. There is no reason that there should be less than capacity there on that Saturday.

Did you listen to the last 45 seconds of that video? When they asked "What is Tennessee?" If not go back and listen to these athletes tell you what Tennessee is to them.

'Tennessee is Awesome."

"Tennessee is Unique."

"Tennessee is Tradition."

"Tennessee is Opportunity"

"Tennessee is Family"

"Tennessee is Resilience"

Tennessee is Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Tennessee is Home."

Go support these kids. They deserve it. They have given their all for Tennessee. It is time that Tennessee gave our all for them.

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