BlogPoll Week 14 Preliminary

You knew there was an awesome West Coast game last night, right? - Bob Stanton-US PRESSWIRE

SEC crushes the ACC, the second tier in the Pac-12 has a rough week, and the Big East remains a disaster. Who goes where? Give your thoughts here.

As of right now, Chris isn't around, and I'm late, so unless something changes soon, I'm going to give you an ordering. You have until tomorrow morning to convince me it's wrong, or else it gets submitted as our ballot.

1. Notre Dame

This part is easy.

2. Oregon

3. Alabama

4. Kansas State

5. Florida

6. Georgia

The mess of one-loss teams! Right now, Oregon and Alabama both have one top 25 win (Oregon State, Louisiana State), but I'm a little more impressed by Oregon's second tier victims (Arizona, Southern Cal, Arizona State, Washington) than Alabama's (Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee. Seriously Alabama's second-best win is Ole Miss). The Alabama/Georgia winner will almost certainly jump to #2, because it'll be a HUGE addition to either resume, and an addition that cannot be matched by the other four. But for now, I want to play a little bit of the contrarian just because I think we're ranking Alabama on reputation and crushing cream-puffs.

Florida has far and away the best resume of this group, but I floated that idea in the game thread last night, and everybody hated it. The eye test still does something I suppose.

7. LSU

8. Texas A&M

9. Stanford

10. South Carolina

11. Oklahoma

Two-loss teams with generally quality losses and at least one quality win. Can be argued in almost any order. This is just the one I came up with off the top of my head.

12. Florida State

13. Oregon State

14. Clemson

15. UCLA

Teams that lost this week, but did so to really good opponents. The ACC pair are a bit weak in the quality win department, but with the exception of a WTF game in Raleigh (which Oregon State matched in Seattle and UCLA matched in Berkeley), the loss quality is good.

16. Oklahoma State

17. Nebraska

Yes, Oklahoma State went up with a loss. That's what happens when you lose in overtime on the road against a team ranked higher than you. And the teams above you also lose.

18. Utah State

19. San Jose State

20. Northern Illinois

21. Kent State

Woo WAC and MAC! I'm finally kinda almost over Kent State's loss to Kentucky. Begrudgingly. It's still ugly. But everybody else at the back end of the poll lost.

22. Michigan

23. Louisiana Tech

24. Ball State

25. Arkansas State

Have any better ideas? Louisiana Tech and Ball State have lost only to top 25 teams. Michigan put up a good fight against OSU.

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