Tennessee Football Recruiting: Commitment Capsules

Below is a list of this year's Tennessee Volunteers football signing class as it stands right now. May still be an iron or two in the fire, but the Vols address some needs ... and some are left unanswered. Still, not a bad class overall. The only addition today was Cordarrelle Patterson, but what a huge addition he was.

Korren Kirven chose Alabama, Quinshad Davis chose North Carolina and Amos Leggett decided to stick with Marshall. Below are the capsules for this year's signees ... so far.

1. LaDARRELL MCNEIL, 6-1, 190 S DALLAS, TEXAS [WILMER-HUTCHINS HS] Rivals 4* No. 7 safety No. 86 overall player in the nation No. 11 player in Texas, Scout 4* No. 6 safety, ESPN 4* No. 12 cornerback No. 28 player in Texas, 247 4* No. 7 safety No. 115 overall player in the nation No. 14 player in Texas. Chose UT over Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Nebraska, Arizona State, Arizona, Baylor, California, Clemson, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Syracuse, TCU, Texas A&M, Southern Cal, Utah, others .

2. DANNY O'BRIEN, 6-2, 290 DT FLINT, MICH. [POWERS CATHOLIC HS] Rivals 4* No. 12 defensive tackle No. 161 overall player in the nation No. 2 player in Michigan, Scout 4* No. 18 defensive tackle, ESPN 3* No. 56 defensive tackle, 247 4* No. 23 defensive tackle No. 6 player in Michigan. Chose UT over Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Alabama, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt.

3. DEION BONNER, 5-11, 185 CB COLUMBUS, GA. [CARVER HS] Rivals 4* No. 19 cornerback No. 227 overall player in the nation No. 37 player in Georgia, Scout 3* No. 28 safety, ESPN 4* No. 15 cornerback No. 20 player in Georgia, 247 3* No. 35 cornerback. Chose UT over Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Southern Cal, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Miami, South Carolina, Florida, others. [Note not all these offers were committable].

4. ALTON "PIG" HOWARD, 5-9, 180 WR ORLANDO [EDGEWATER HS] Rivals 4* No. 47 wide receiver No. 41 player in Florida, Scout 3* No. 76 wide receiver, ESPN 4* No. 150 overall prospect in the nation No. 22 wide receiver No. 29 player in Florida, 247 4* No. 121 overall player in the nation No. 14 wide receiver No. 19 player in Florida. Chose UT over Florida, Central Florida, South Florida, West Virginia, Ohio State, UCLA, Southern Cal, Notre Dame, Miami, Michigan State, Michigan, South Carolina, Utah, Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati, others.

5. DANIEL MCCULLERS, 6-6, 380 DT RALEIGH, N.C. [SOUTHEAST RALEIGH HS/GEORGIA MILITARY COLLEGE] Rivals 4* No. 6 overall JUCO player, Scout 3*, 247 3*. Chose UT over Alabama, Mississippi State, N.C. State.

6. JASON CROOM, 6-5, 220 WR NORCROSS, GA. [NORCROSS HS] Rivals 4* No. 41 wide receiver No. 19 player in state No. 246 overall, Scout 4* No. 44 wide receiver, ESPN 3* No. 55 wide receiver, 247 4* No.20 wide receiver No. 15 player in the state No. 178 overall. Chose UT over Auburn, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Florida State, South Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, LSU, Southern Miss, Miami, others.

7. DAVANTE BOURQUE, 6-3, 200 RB CROWLEY, LA. [CROWLEY HS] Rivals 4* No. 14 athlete No. 4 player in state No. 196 overall, Scout 3* No. 29 running back, ESPN 3* No. 49 athlete, 247 4* No. 8 all-purpose back No. 14 player in the state. Chose UT over LSU, Texas A&M, Miami, Arizona State, Arkansas, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Southern Miss.

8. JUSTIN KING, 6-3, 215 OLB DUNWOODY, GA. [DUNWOODY HS] Rivals 3* No. 64 athlete No. 63 player in state, Scout 3* No. 79 outside linebacker, ESPN 3* No. 46 outside linebacker No. 49 player in state, 247 3* No. 96 player in Georgia. Chose UT over Arkansas, Cincinnati, Georgia State, Louisville, Southern Miss, Syracuse, Central Florida, Virginia and Wisconsin.

9. GEORGE BULLOCK, 6-2, 195 PK KNOXVILLE [KNOXVILLE WEST HS] Rivals 2* kicker, Scout 3* No. 9 kicker, ESPN 2* No. 32 kicker, 247 2* No. 15 kicker. Chose UT over Navy.

10. DANIEL GRAY, 6-0, 165 CB LAUDERDALE LAKES, FLA. [BOYD ANDERSON HS] Rivals 3* cornerback, Scout 3* No. 105 cornerback, ESPN 2* No. 103 cornerback, 247 3* No. 98 cornerback. Chose UT over Nebraska, Kansas, Ole Miss and Texas Tech.

11. DRAE BOWLES, 6-1, 205 WR JACKSON, TN. [JACKSON CHRISTIAN HS] Rivals 4* wide receiver No. 127 overall player No. 3 player in Tennessee, Scout 3* No. 48 wide receiver, ESPN 4* No. 15 wide receiver No. 101 overall player No. 2 in Tennessee, 247 4* No. 25 wide receiver No. 212 overall No. 4 in Tennessee. Chose UT over Vanderbilt, Auburn, Arkansas, Cal, Cincinnati, Duke, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Missouri, North Carolina, Notre Dame and others.

12. QUENSHAUN WATSON, 5-9, 175 RB ATHENS, GA. [CLARKE CENTRAL HS] Rivals 3* running back, Scout 3* No. 105 running back, ESPN 3* No. 51 running back, 247 3*. Chose UT over Indiana.

13. LATROY LEWIS, 6-4, 225 DE AKRON, OHIO [ARCHBISHOP HOBAN HS] Rivals 3* No. 28 weakside defensive end, Scout 3* No. 58 defensive end, ESPN 4* No. 29 defensive end, 247 3* No. 36 weakside defensive end. Chose UT over Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Illinois.

14. ALDEN HILL, 6-2, 215 RB ALLIANCE, OHIO [MARLINGTON HS] Rivals 3* No. 48 running back, Scout 3* No. 65 running back, ESPN 2* No. 100 running back, 247 3*. Chose UT over Michigan, Northwestern, UConn, Bowling Green, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Illinois, Ball State, Buffalo, Iowa.

15. TINO THOMAS, 6-0, 190 ATH MEMPHIS [MELROSE HS] Rivals 3* No. 56 ATH, Scout 3* No. 93 WR, ESPN 3* No. 138 ATH, 247 3*. Chose UT over Southern Miss, Arkansas, Duke, Kentucky, Memphis and Mississippi State.

16. CODY BLANC, 6-2, 204 ATH KNOXVILLE [CENTRAL HS] Rivals 2*, Scout 3* No. 88 safety, ESPN 3* No. 131 athlete, 247 3* No. 76 athlete. Chose UT over Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt.

17. TRENT TAYLOR, 6-3, 270 DT LAKELAND, FLA. [LAKE GIBSON HS] Rivals 3* No. 19 strongside defensive end, Scout 4* No. 29 defensive end, ESPN 3* No. 26 defensive end, 247 3* No. 40 strongside defensive end. Chose UT over Miami, Florida, Florida State, Louisville, Auburn, South Florida.

18. JUSTIN MEREDITH, 6-5, 220 TE ANDERSON, S.C. [T.L. HANNA HS] Rivals 3* No. 13 tight end, Scout 3* No. 17 tight end, ESPN 4* No. 6 tight end, 247 3* No. 57 tight end. Chose UT over North Carolina, Clemson, Auburn, Cincinnati, Duke, Illinois, Mississippi State, NC State, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest.

19. NATHAN PETERMAN, 6-2, 205 QB FRUIT COVE, FLA. [BARTRAM TRAIL HS] Rivals 4* No. 10 pro-style quarterback, Scout 3* No. 18 quarterback, ESPN 3* No. 39 quarterback, 247 3* No. 15 pro-style quarterback. Chose UT over UCONN, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Florida International [note: Scout has him with Florida and FSU offers. Miami, South Florida and Nebraska called to gauge his interest in the past month].

20. DARRINGTON SENTIMORE, 6-3, 273 DE/DT NORCO, LA [DESTRAHAN HS/UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA/GULF COAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE] Rivals 3*, 247 4*. Chose UT over Alabama, Mississippi State, Florida, Texas A&M.

21. CORDARRELLE PATTERSON, 6-3, 205 WR ROCK HILL, S.C. [NORTHWESTERN HS/HUTCHINSON (KAN.) COMMUNITY COLLEGE] Rivals 4* No. 1 overall JUCO player, Scout 5* No. 1 overall JUCO player, 247 Sports 5* No. 1 overall JUCO player. Chose UT over Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn and many more.

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