Rocky Top Talk Fantasy Baseball League - UPDATED

UPDATE - A brilliant-ish idea occurred to me this morning. I'm currently considering expanding the league to 20 teams and challenging another blog in a fantasy baseball throwdown. We already have 7 teams from RTT signed up so if we can get three more and then 10 from a rival blog, say ASOLOL, then this could get real interesting.

I would score it as 20 points for the overall league champion and on down from there with the blog with the most points being declared the winner.

The league will likely be divided into two 10 team divisions with the 10 from each blog seperated and then battling it out in the playoffs. This would help keep competition up so the respective blog performs well overall instead of trying to sandbag just for an overall champion.

Cheating would be near impossible due to trades having to be approved by a league vote.

Interested? We need three more RTT teams and then we'll start sorting out which blog to challenge and what the winning blog will be allowed to do. My initial thoughts on a "prize" would be allowing the winning blog to write up a post of whatever they choose (within the losing blog's rules) and the losing blog has to keep it on their front page for an entire day. We can vet prizes later though.


For those who are interested, I have created a league in Yahoo! for RTT. It's a 12 team head-to-head league with pretty extensive scroing options. We'll be doing an auto-draft instead of trying to coordinate everyone together live so you can just create your team, set your draft priority and we'll kick it off opening day.

No prizes involved save for the fact I promise I won't call the league champion a troll for exactly one year. :-D

If we get more than 12 interested in playing I'll expand the league.

If you are interested post your email here in the comments for an invite or just email me at if you prefer an extra layer of privacy.

Go Vols!

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