Rocky Top Tennessee 2012
Available for Pre-Order Now.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Rocky Top Tennessee 2012 is now available for pre-order. This will be the fourth year in a row that we've put out a Tennessee Football preseason publication, and honestly, this year's edition is the best yet. Self-publishing this year allowed us to do some things a bit differently, including bringing our undiluted and pajama-clad blog personas out of the dark and onto the printed page. That means that it's written entirely from a Vol fan's perspective, and it means that we were able to toss in a little humor and a few good-natured shots at our rivals while we were at it.

It also means that we were able to include some things that rarely venture out of the confines of -- cue the Voice of Disdain -- blogs, like the SEC Monster Manual written by Chris Pendley. And yes, we have Will Shelton and Brad Shepard doing what they do so incredibly well, and we've added the talents of Jay Brantner, Joe Stanley, Fred Stanin, and Scott Felts to the mix, too. It's like a giant tailgate of Vol fans and friends except without the food and with a printing press. And with pens and pictures and computers but without portable toilets. . . . . Actually, it's nothing like a tailgate.

This year's edition is also available in multiple formats. There's (1) a full color perfect bound print edition with a fantastic glossy cover and actual book-paper pages (as opposed to flimsy magazine pages) on the inside, (2) a downloadable PDF ebook, and (3) a Kindle version.


Beginning on Wednesday, July 4, the List Price for RTT 2012 will be $7.99 for the ebook, $9.99 for the Kindle version, and $19.99 plus shipping for the print version.

But if you pre-order the print edition by Tuesday, July 3, you'll get all of the following:

  • FREE SHIPPING (a $4.95 value);
  • A FREE copy of the full-color ebook that can be downloaded immediately; and
  • Delivery of the print edition the week of July 9.

PLUS, if you're one of the first 50 people to place an order, you'll also get a free Dooley 2012 car decal.

To take advantage of this great pre-order special offer, order today.

Oh, you'd like to know what's in the thing? Jump!


Deeper, Stronger
By Brad Shepard
2012 position previews

Meet the New Staff
By Scott Felts
UT revamps - again

Tyler Bray, Take Three
By Chris Pendley
Fans expect big things from eccentric QB in 2012

The Class of 2012
By Brad Shepard
Vols’ 2012 recruiting class meets numerous needs


Assessing the Opposition
By Chris Pendley
A sneak peek at the other locker room

Dooley 2012
By Will Shelton
Change is coming

The 2012 Aerial Assault
By Chris Pendley
Jim Chaney and Tyler Bray aim high

Running from the Past
By Brad Shepard
Vols attempt to forget a historically poor 2011

Adventures in Transition
By Chris Pendley
An analysis of the Vols’ new 3-4 defense

Is There Time for the 3-4?
By Jay Brantner
A look at how others have fared with the 3-4 early


The Last Worthless Evening
By Will Shelton
Tennessee’s 2011 season

20 Years Ago in Big Orange Country
By Fred Stanin
The season when one legend replaced another

The Roundtable
By Will Shelton
A discussion with Wes Rucker and Clay Travis


Welcome to the SEC
By Joseph L. Stanley
Missouri and A&M venture into the wild

Projecting the SEC
By Chris Pendley
Or how I learned to accept the inevitable

SEC Monster Manual
By Chris Pendley
Where sports fans and geeks (and smart alecks) collide

Recruiting Matters
By Joel Hollingsworth
Still no surprise: Talent leads to championships

Strive for Five
By Scott Felts
Vols’ top five goals for 2012

Order the 116-page full color print version of Rocky Top Tennessee 2012 today and get free shipping, a free copy of the ebook that you can download immediately, and delivery of the print edition the week of July 9. The first 50 people to order also get a free Dooley 2012 car decal. Go ahead and order already. All the cool kids are doing it.

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