Becksvoort and Reveiz Relieved - Records Secure for Another Season

We weren't worried, based on last year's performance, about our perfect season kicking records. We want the kid to do well but it is kind of nice having those personal records in place. It's especially gratifying to hold the record at a school with the special teams emphasis and tradition like Tennessee. It started with General Neyland and has carried on by the Colquitts, Cafego, and others like ourselves.

We encourage Vol fans to support Mr. Palardy and the other special teamers throughout this difficult time.

- Joint Statement from Mr. Becksvort and Mr. Reveiz

Vol fans are upset about Michael Palardy's performance (long snapper and holder as well). Palardy was the #1 rated kicker in his class. For those star gazers out there, here's another instance in which the ratings have not yet matched the performance on the field in college. (And I am as guilty as the next guy for hyping Palardy based on a YouTube recruiting video and some recruiting service ratings. Mea Cupa,)

It's the amazing history of the Vols' kickers that has us bitterly disappointed with the present state of affairs.

John Becksvoort did not miss a PAT in 1991 (28), 1992 (35), 1993 (59) or 1994 (39). That'd be four perfect PAT seasons and at 161 straight without a miss. [Previous post omitted the 1991 season because the media guide capped the list with a min of 35 attempts in a season. Also, John's career total could be 167 but the 2012 Media Guide only gives John credit for 39 in 1994 vs. giving him 6 more, probably for the Gator Bowl 45-23 win over Va Tech. Whatever. It's still impressive. Thanks, spiritofthehill...]

Fuad Reveiz did not miss once in 18 consecutive FG attempts in 1994. Eighteen straight! [No one has had a perfect FG season in modern times but Fuad's 20 of 23 is darn close. ]

We believe in redemption and personal growth, so we really are cheering for Mr. Palardy. We don't expect perfection, but it would be nice to be in the same general vicinity.

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