BlogPollin': Week 4 Preliminary Discussion


You'd be forgiven at this point for forgetting there were other games yesterday. (Then again, this is also where I take the contextually-appropriate time to remind you that Southern Cal lost, so you would've missed that.) That's why we're here, though - to not only remind you there is life outside your apartment Neyland Stadium, but to hopefully pre-package it in such a way that we can do useful things like, oh, figure out the BlogPoll rankings for next week.

And hey, once again as usual, let's do this by groupings. Normally we'd do this by groupings and hash it out in the postgame discussion thread, but let's be honest - everyone either wanted to get the heck out of Dodge or wasn't here in the first place. Oddly enough, I've come up with 31 teams, so we can slice 6 without any real issues. The orders here are the tentative order I'm thinking of for each group.

Group 1: Alabama (#1), Oregon, LSU, Florida State

Alabama is pretty clearly the #1 overall team, and I'm not sure there's too much debate about it. Florida State dominated the tar out of Wake Forest, which doesn't sound impressive on paper but is a) a bit of a bogey team for them in years past and b) it's not like anyone immediately around them did anything of note, anyway. As far as Oregon/LSU goes, I'd be open either way. LSU has the best skin on the board with the win against Washington, so if you like that, I'm fine with it. On the other hand, Oregon has led their games 50-3, 35-3, and 49-7 at various points, and by various points, I mostly mean the second quarter (Tennessee Tech was able to keep it close, with only a 35-7 margin at the half). Isn't Oregon supposed to be known for their third quarter?

Group 2: Georgia, Clemson, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Southern Cal

Not too much here, save the appearance of Southern Cal at the bottom of the list. I'm not really sure what to do with them, in truth; their depth issues (and the gaping void they have at center) are going to matter, so do we punish them here? I think they're in this group somewhere, possibly even still ahead of Oklahoma on talent, and it was a close road game. But couldn't you say...

Group 3: Notre Dame, Kansas State, Michigan State, Texas, TCU, WVU, Michigan

...that Notre Dame's had a more impressive season so far? Yeah, it sounds weird, but they dominated Michigan State on the scoreboard (on the field, it was a much different, uglier affair, although the realization ND has a defense seems a bit odd). Kansas State keeps on keepin' on, Michigan State pretty much has to drop below the Golden Domers, and I'm not really sure what to do with TCU, WVU, and Michigan. If we've been right all season, this is about where they should go. Are we right? Texas demolished Ole Miss, which either means they have an offense or Ole Miss is way worse than we thought.

Group 4: Stanford, Florida, Louisville, Mississippi State, Arizona

So here's the thing: if you think Tennessee is good, doesn't Florida have to go in this tier? Their second half adjustments are absurd, and I think Brent Pease finally figured something out about their line and blocking, because they got downhill in a hurry. On the other hand, if you don't think UF belongs here, what does that say about Tennessee and Texas A&M?

Otherwise, Stanford vaults to the top of this group thanks to beating Southern Cal and a powerful defensive performance (fun fact: turnovers are about the equivalent of -70 yards - applying that to Southern Cal's performance, they netted 70 yards last night total). That's the surprising part about Stanford for me, and my gut is they're right around Florida.

As for the rest: kept on. I'm writing off Louisville's second half against North Carolina a bit under Mustang Theory, and Mississippi State and Arizona basically held serve.

Group 5: Ohio, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Baylor (#25), Boise State

Ohio may belong in Group 4. Some other points in various forms: UCLA and Baylor are just part of the hangin' out crew. Georgia Tech triple-optioned the tar out of Virginia. That was utterly disgusting, and I'm applying the "I know it when I see it" rules here. Again, we have options if I get downvoted.

As far as Boise State dropping out: honestly, it's because the Spartans lost. I can't quite reconcile Boise State losing to Michigan State, who then turned around and got shut down by Notre Dame. It doesn't quite do Boise any favors, does it?

Group 6: Nebraska, UL-Monroe, Arkansas, [your team here]

Nebraska took care of business, but there were enough impressive performances that I'm not sure it does them any favors. ULM did pretty much everything you could've asked for in the last couple weeks, save pull out the win at Auburn. They fall under the Nebraska Corollary this week, though. The only reason Arkansas is in here? The same reason we didn't punish Michigan. Still, they're 29th.

Also, if there are any other undefeated teams lurking, this would be a good place to chuck 'em.

Absolutely not in don't even ask: Virginia Tech


*not me

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