BlogPoll Week Six Preliminary

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A lot of ranked teams played tight with a lot of unranked teams. Do they drop? Are the unranked teams ready to jump in? Give us your thoughts on this week's BlogPoll ballot.

As usual, I'll post the preliminary ballot here, with a couple comments on what Chris and I were thinking. If you disagree, give arguments in the comments. I'll submit our final ballot tomorrow morning before my first class, so get your thoughts in tonight.

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Florida State

These three have pretty well dominated everybody it looks like. Didn't see FSU/USF, but 13 points on the road is fine by me.

4. LSU

5. Georgia

6. Kansas State

7. South Carolina

LSU looked bad against Auburn and Towson, but their Washington win suddenly looks a heck of a lot better. Georgia's defense has to be a concern, South Carolina piddled around for a half in Lexington, and Kansas State has still beaten Oklahoma on the road. We'll definitely have a top ten showdown in Columbia this weekend.

8. Florida

9. Notre Dame

10. Texas

11. West Virginia

Florida's two road victims looked decent this week. Notre Dame still has two or three wins of decent quality. Texas barely beat Oklahoma State, but it was a road game over an unranked team with a great offense, so credit to them. West Virginia can score, y'all. We're setting up two more top 11 showdowns to join UGA/USC, as Florida hosts LSU and Texas squares off with the Mountaineers.

12. Oregon State

13. Clemson

14. Washington

15. Stanford

16. Texas A&M

17. TCU

18. Southern California

19. Oklahoma

This group is a muddle. Oregon State has three wins over solid, albeit not outstanding, teams. Two of them are on the road, and their run D looks stout. Clemson's only loss is at FSU. Washington suddenly has a quality win, and their loss is at LSU, although I feel uncomfortable ranking them so highly when they stormed the field for a win over Stanford. Stanford beat USC but lost to Washington, so beatpath. A&M hasn't beaten anybody good, but if Florida is really top ten, then A&M is really top 25, and they've done to bad teams what you want them to do to bad teams. TCU has no offense but a possibly great defense. Southern Cal's loss dropped in quality, and they have no quality wins. I still don't know what to think about Oklahoma this year.

20. Louisiana Tech

21. Louisville

22. Mississippi State

The Louis schools both beat inferior teams on the road, and if the games were close, well so was South Carolina/Vandy. The Western Division Bulldogs are still trucking along not playing much of anyone.

23. UCLA

24. Baylor

25. Western Kentucky

UCLA's only loss is to our #12, and that Nebraska win isn't too shabby. Baylor was within a touchdown of our #11 on the road. WKU gets #25 because the consideration list was huge and nobody stood out, so let's give Willie Taggart some love for a good start.

Consideration list, in no particular order: Arizona, Cincinnati, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio, Rutgers, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Tennessee, Northwestern.

If you prefer a team on the consideration list to a team in the poll, state your case in the comments. I am extremely prejudiced against any arguments for Northwestern, because I still insist that they haven't done anything. UTSA is 5-0, anybody want to rank them? I am prejudiced towards arguments for Arizona, because they just hung with a top 25 team, and that Oklahoma State blowout doesn't look like chopped liver. But I expect the most popular consideration list team to be Nebraska.

Oh yeah, and why is Ohio here instead of in the poll, like they've been for four weeks? Because they played a three-point game with UMass. That's not okay, Bobcats.

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