Texas A&M & Missouri: Pro Forma (Updated)

Gather round brothers, sisters and rubberneckers alike.

The day we faithful have been waiting for is soon upon us.

Some background if you see fit. When Joel approached me to write in our magazine you could have knocked me over with a small linebacker. Or a feather. Which ever you prefer. Once given the duty of presenting and introducing our newly found llegitimi brothers and sisters to our fine conference. I figured it was because of all the staff members I'm the one furthest out in the boondocks. What I failed to grasp was Joel's sheer genius in selecting a individual whom has spent the past 3 months thinking his second home was an airport terminal.

This has led me to interact with some simply amazing people, especially on the Fridays when I attempt to fly home from what ever boundless location (more often than not Colorado as of late) I have been isolated regaled banished sent to work. I also have friends all over the country with backgrounds that are relevant.

Allow me to introduce you to a couple, and their thoughts on this coming Saturday.

(Note: Sorry for the late update. Couldn't edit the site via my mobile still)

Meet Sande Jarrett.


He's an Oklahoma graduate, and hates Texas. He likes long walks on the beach. Soft music and playing with weaponized chemicals. I worked with Jarrett during my time in the US Army (he was a Nuclear Biological Chemical Specialist). I now work with him at my day job and still we're close friends by some miracle. As a guy who was raised in Texas, graduated OU and now lives in the SEC area I thought he might have some interesting opinions on the upcoming Missouri and Texas A&M games.

Texas A&M vs Florida: What do you expect?

Winner: Florida by 10. They are known for their football program. They have won several national championship, at least one in the past decade I think. They really haven't had a bad season in the last few years. They don't want to be the well established dynasty facing the new comers who think they are going to walk in and take on the entire conference. Florida has a lot defend. Texas A&M ran crying from the BIG12 because they got tired of being beaten. They went from the pan to the fire this time.

What would you say is Texas A&M's greatest asset/weakness?

I can't think of anything that Texas A&M is famous for save the whole 12th man ideal. While impressive I just don't think it can stand against the weight of the SEC. Texas A&M has a lot to prove here and I think they will be preparing hard for this game. But it won't help.

Missouri vs Georgia: What do you expect?

Winner: Georgia by 7. Missouri will have home field advantage no doubt. Georgia is ranked number 7. Missouri has a decent run game but their passing game really needs a tune up. They played well against that high school team last week (Southeastern Louisiana) but this is Georgia. Georgia gave up 23 points against a bunch of Yankees (Buffalo) and now they are going to face the Tigers defending Columbia once again? I think Georgia takes it but it will be a closer game.

What would you say is Missouri's greatest asset/weakness?

Their passing game is their greatest weakness. They average about 7 yards a pass where Georgia is averaging almost 10. Missouri's running game is much better averaging 7 yards a rush. I think it will be a good game to watch, but will be brutal.

Meet Richard Sanders.


Richard is an old friend. A Salesforce Administrator for a company in Atlanta, a member of my high school alma mater, and (god help his soul) a Bulldog fan. He likes cigars, scotch and hiding welfare checks from Florida graduates. He considered the new teams just more meat for the SEC grinder, so I was interested in his take on this coming Saturday.

Texas A&M vs Florida: What do you expect?

Winner: Texas A&M by 7. I don't expect much out of Florida this year and I know nothing about Texas A&M. Florida is still trying to rebuild in my eyes. I don't think there will be much fall out from a Texas victory. We are all in the SEC now. These guys aren't SEC yet so what they did before now means nothing to me.

What would you say is Texas A&M's greatest asset/weakness?

To be honest I know nothing about them. It's Neal Bortz's Alma Mater. Does that count? I doubt anyone in this area knows much about them or cared before now. Like I said what they did prior to this means nothing. They played in the Big what conference? Who cares. They are in the SEC now: run with the big Dawgs or stay on the porch.

Missouri vs Georgia: What do you expect?

Winner: Georgia by 7. I think of all the games being played this weekend this is the most crucial. It will be a heart breaker if they lose. In order for Georgia to be in contention this year we have a boat load of games to win. Not to mention it would be a great way to welcome Missouri to the SEC by mopping the floor with them.

What would you say is Missouri's greatest asset/weakness?

Last year I was reading that their turn overs were less than most. If they can continue to keep their turn over rate low against the SEC defenses I think they may pull some surprise wins. If they let Georgia get under their skin with the trash talk you can beat Missouri will make some really stupid penalties, and given the pressure on this game, it could get ugly quickly.

Meet Tony Keck


Tony is a die hard Razorback fan. Actually that's a understatement. Tony puts the SUOOIE in to the local Arkansas Tailgates I have attended over the years since I moved to the area. Those who came to the Tennessee/Arkansas game last year met him along with his brother Rob, as they have been kind enough to accept an usurper in their midst. He's retired Army, lives in the northwest Arkansas area and needless to say, bleeds Arkansas red.

Texas A&M vs Florida: What do you expect?

Winner: Texas A&M by 3. Their fan base is a breed apart and Florida will be playing in a field they have never set foot in. I think it will be a close game, but I think that Texas A&M's fans will be the difference maker in this game and will be something Florida isn't ready for or expecting.

What would you say is Texas A&M's greatest asset/weakness?

Their asset will be the fans hands down. The team itself? Speed, line I have no clue but their fan base will be something new to Florida and I think that will be the difference maker.They have a unique bunch of fans and Florida is heading in to the lions den so to speak.

Missouri vs Georgia: What do you expect?

Winner: Georgia by 14. One of the things that Missouri and Texas A&M are going to experience the same thing Arkansas had to when we came to the SEC. When it comes to football, coming to the SEC is going to take them to the next level. But they aren't there yet. The speed the SEC gets, the size, the talent, versus what the Big 12 had I think its just not the same. i think they are going to have a problem with Georgia until they can start recruiting and building more in to our schema. When Arkansas first joined the SEC we were the Vanderbilts, we got beat by everyone it seemed like, it took some time but look at us now. I really don't expect much difference with these two strong, but not quite there yet teams.

What would you say is Missouri's greatest asset/weakness?

I honestly don't know. I just feel that neither A&M or Missouri are not at the SEC level yet. I think they have a good strong teams, but I think they need to build. We dominated in the old Southwest conference, and when we came to the SEC we were in shock. I think Missouri and A&M will have similar growing pains.

Meet Jerry.
I couldn't take Jerry's picture because he was at work.
Jerry works in the Sam Adams grill on C concourse in Atlanta, Hartsfield. He's originally from Missouri and went to University of Missouri which is how we struck up conversation a year ago, living in Missouri myself. He likes Georgia girls and good beer. Don't we all?

Texas vs Florida: Florida by 14. Texas isn't ready for the SEC despite the billboards and hype.

Texas greatest strength or weakness: Their run game isn't as solid compared to a SEC defense.

Missouri vs Georgia: man I am torn. If Georgia wins it'll be by 7 or more. If Missouri wins it'll be 3 or more. Its going to be a fight and I am hoping for a good showing. I think we have a better team than A&M

Missouri greatest strength: The fans man. I don't think the SEC really appreciates just how much we love our team.

Meet Thurmon Thomas.

Yes that Thurman Thomas.


Thurman was elected to the National Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007 and to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008. A former running back for Oklahoma State University he was a team mate of Barry Sanders. He played as a running back for the Buffalo Bills from 1988 until 1999 and the Miami Dolphins in 2000. A Heisman Trophy candidate, Thomas knows what it means to have a backfield that can move the ball on the ground in every respect. He also likes scotch, which worked out well for he and I.

Texas vs Florida:

Winner: Florida by 14.. Texas A&M in the SEC? No chance yet. They have a good team, but the SEC is proven in its ability to move the ball, place the ball and with dynamic players.

Texas greatest strength or weakness:

They got a good fan base, but I doubt it will do much good. Florida is coming in to this game with a chip thanks to the billboard nonsense and they view Texas as little more than a upstart.

Missouri vs Georgia:

Winner: Georgia by 14. Missouri is a good team, but again this is the SEC. Time and again the SEC shows the quality of players and training. I don't see this as a even close game.

Missouri greatest strength:

Home field advantage. After that plays out and Georgia gets to know the field all bets are off!

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