Working Draft of RPI Projection

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This is nowhere close to finished... but I'd like to go ahead and publish things to see if anyone has ideas about what else I could do with this. Or anyone has some good ideas for changes. Note that I do intend on getting rid of the characters for spacing and using some nice looking image-based headers rather than just bolded or underlined text.

along with RPI estimates and estimated final RPI ranks for each opponent

Current RPI = #72
RPI Value = 0.5593

Ole Miss(#45) –------W = 1-0 = RPI @
@ Bama(#92) –------ L = 1-1 = RPI @
@ UK(#36) –--------- L = 1-2 = RPI @
MissState(#237) –---W = 2-2 = RPI @
@ Ole Miss(#45) –--- L = 2-3 = RPI @
Bama(#92) –-------- W = 3-3 = RPI @
Vanderbilt(#180) ----- W = 4-3 = RPI @
@ Arkansas(#80) –- W = 5-3 = RPI @
Georgia(#179) –----- W = 6-3 = RPI @
@ S.Car(#234)-----– W = 7-3 = RPI @
@ Vanderbilt(#180)–W = 8-3 = RPI @
UK(#36) –----------- W = 9-3 = RPI @
LSU (#85) –---------- L = 9-4 = RPI @
@ TAMU (#99) –----- L = 9-5 = RPI @
UF(#10) –------------ L = 9-6 = RPI @
@ Georgia(#179)-----W = 10-6 = RPI @
@ Auburn(#199) ------ W = 11-6 = RPI @
Mizzou(#26) –------- W = 12-6 = RPI @

I'm using projected RPI ratings and the bonus/penalty received for a win/loss against a similar team in non-conference to project UT's RPI under my predictions. When no game has a close match I will find a non-UT game if required. Note: This is, once again, a VERY ROUGH estimate.

Similar non-conference opponent and outcome for each BasketVol conference game... and the expected impact of that game at the end of the season. RPI impact is divided into a number for a win on the left and a number for a loss on the right. Predicted outcome is highlighted.


Ole Miss(#45) __________ at MTSU = +1.02_____ at Loyola-Marymount = +1.01
at Alabama(#92) _______
at Kentucky(#36) ______
Mississippi State(#237) =
at Ole Miss(#45) =
Alabama(#92) =
Vanderbilt(#180) =
at Arkansas(#80)
at South Carolina(#234)
at Vanderbilt(#180)
at Texas A&M(#99)
at Georgia(#179)
at Auburn(#199)

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