RTT Pick 'Em Week 7 Standings & Trends

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

How our community is leaning in this weekend's biggest games.

You had to be on your game to crack the leaderboard last week; it would've been interesting to see how different this would've been if the Vols weren't unlucky in overtime...

1 tommyallenn 19-1 209 0-0
2 Gman15 18-2 204 34-10
3 doritoscowboy 18-2 202 35-21
4 War Birds 19-1 201 40-10
5 allthewayvols 18-2 200 31-20**
5 psnyder1 18-2 200 24-17
5 GOMV 18-2 200 17-31
8 VolfromBYU 18-2 199 38-24
9 GMU Vols Picks 17-3 198 42-23**
9 jfarrar90 17-3 198 38-14

Meanwhile as we near the midway point in our overall standings:

1 richvol 98-22 1142
2 birdjam 99-21 1134
3 Anaconda 100-20 1132
4 wedflatrock 98-22 1121
5 Butch Please 97-23 1120
5 jfarrar90 96-24 1120
7 British Vol 93-27 1114
8 ChuckieTVol 97-23 1112
9 Joel @ RTT 98-22 1107
10 rockhopper78 90-30 1101

Reminder:  we're picking TWO Thursday games this week (Rutgers at Louisville, Arizona at USC).  Our trends for this weekend's action:

  • While 97.4% like the Cardinals in the early game tonight, the late test features the return of Ed Orgeron and just 57.4% taking the Trojans at home against Arizona.
  • A stunning 94.6% like LSU at home over Florida.  I mean, I picked LSU too, but that percentage seems really high to me.
  • The week's closest matchups:  51.3% like Wisconsin at home over Northwestern, 51.3% like Washington State at home over Oregon State.
  • 12.3% are rolling the dice with the Clawfense on the road in Starkville as Dave Clawson returns to the SEC.  More time, etc.
  • Very few believe in SEC underdogs this week:  95.8% take Johnny Football in Oxford, 87.8% still like a banged up Georgia at home against undefeated Mizzou, 97.2% like South Carolina at Arkansas, and one person is taking Kentucky at home over Alabama.  Bless their hearts.
  • Most confident pick of the week:  the aforementioned Crimson Tide, getting 18.6 confidence points on average, the second most confident pick of the year.  Least confident pick of the week:  Duke, pulling 70.2% of the votes at home against Navy, but getting just 1.9 confidence points to do so.
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