Cold Hard Facts

As many of you know Tennessee's game against rival Alabama didn't go as planned (if your a Tennessee fan). But here are a couple things you might want to know or already know to make the loss a little more bearable.

Cold Hard Fact #1: Alabama is the number 1 team in the country. They are the number 1 team for a reason. They have more talent, more depth and more speed than our team does.

Cold Hard Fact #2: The game was in Tuscaloosa. We didn't know how our team would do in a hostile environment and unfortunately we do now.

Cold Hard Fact #3: Butch Jones is still our coach. What I mean by this is that if any coach in the country can make our team bounce back from a loss like this and play incredible football it is Butch Jones.

Cold Hard Fact #4: Think about when Tennessee clobbered Cincinnati 2 years ago in Knoxville. Yes, Tennessee won the game but they ended up going 5-7 with no bowl game. The man who was the head coach of Cincinnati at the time was Butch Jones, their final regular season record 9-3 and they made it to a bowl game. (if anyone can coach this team it is the man we have).

Cold Hard Fact #5: Justin Worley, although good at times, was never going to be our long term starter. There was much debate about the starting quarterback job at the beginning of the year and we all thought Worley had it won. But he has been inconsistent all year (good one possession, bad another). You don't know what to expect when he was out there on the field.

Cold Hard Fact #6: Justin Worley's thumb is seriously injured. We all saw his pass that was picked off right before half time something was clearly wrong.

Cold Hard Fact #7: The defense had a tough day but they are still good. Although the defense wasn't stellar like in our past two games doesn't mean they are bad. Alabama is a machine that wins football games. I expect them to come out next week and play like they are on fire.

Cold Hard Fact #8: Marlin Lane is a power running back who can break tackles and carry defenders. I look to see him get more touches against Missouri.

Cold Hard Fact #9: Raijon Neal is still a beast and continues to stack up the yards. He has been our man all year long, consistent and quick.

Cold Hard Fact #10: Michael Palardy is the best punter in the nation. (that is all that needs to be said).

Cold Hard Fact #11: Mr. Joshua Dobbs is the future of this Tennessee Volunteers football team. When he came out in the second half I couldn't have been more excited. I have been pleading Josh's case this whole year and he proved himself today. This young man has a killer arm and is not afraid to run the football. He is smart and Butch even said in the post game press conference "he changed the play at the line a couple times." This young man is special and will hopefully start the rest of the season.

Cold Hard Fact #12: Marquez North is one of the best wide receivers in the country and continues to get better. This young man is special. He can make plays and catch the football. And now that he has someone to throw it to him, he will just get even better.

Cold Hard Fact #13: Tennessee still has the #4 recruiting class in the country (according to 247 sports) or the #3 recruiting class in the country (according to BSPN) or the #2 recruiting class in the country (according to rivals). Any way you slice it Tennessee has a very talented wave of guys coming in next year. This will not only help with depth but improve the team immediately, especially with all the seniors that will be graduating.

Well thats all for now be back next week with more Cold Hard Facts.

Go Vols! Lets get that W in Columbia!

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