Realism or Excuses…You decide

As a Vol fan, I know we are all disappointed with last week's performance. But a season is made up of many variables that take its toll along the way.

Comparative scores during the college football season are hardly an accurate basis for comparing team performance. (IMO) However, let’s assume we are looking at a trend over these past many weeks and let’s review what is accurate.

I have accumulated the total win-loss records for each opponent in the SEC thru last week’s game. I did NOT include any game played by an SEC team versus an FCS team but just about every SEC team has scheduled one.

To say the win-loss record is significant may be overstated and it is certainly not a strange or startling phenomenon that the Vols have endured a significant schedule challenge in 2013. I doubt Coach Jones takes much solace in any of these numbers but I do think it interesting to compare the total win –loss records of teams played by each SEC team thru last week.

I have debated how to share these numbers but I will place them in ASCENDING order based on the loss –win for each team. This means Easiest to Toughest.

1. South Carolina: Opponents wins: 38……Opponents losses: 56 Winning % 40.4% (Current overall record (9-2) ( I am saying that South Carolina has had the "easiest" schedule to date based on total win loss for each opponent played to date. Does not mean they are a bad team…..just their road to this point has been less rigorous relative to other SEC teams. (I doubt the Old Ball Coach will agree J)

2. Alabama: 50-61: 45.0% (11-0)

3. Missouri: 58-52: 52.7% (10-1)

4. Auburn: 60-50: 54.5% (10-1)

5. LSU: 62-49: 55.9% (8-3)

6. Vanderbilt: 54-38: 58.7% (7-4)

7. Florida: 65-45: 59.1% (4-7)

8. Texas A&M: 66-43: 60.6% (8-3)

9. Arkansas: 67-41: 62.0% (3-8)

10. Kentucky: 70-40: 63.7% (2-9)

11. Ole Miss: 70-39: 64.2% (7-4)

12. Georgia: 71-39: 64.6% ( 7-4)

13. Miss Sate: 74-36: 67.3% (5-6)

14. Tennessee: 78-31: 71.6% (4-7)

The stars have not aligned well for the Vols in 2013.

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