RTT Pick 'Em Week 11 Standings & Trends

Jonathan Ferrey

Thursday Thursday Thursday!

Congrats to rockhopper78, who dominated the competition last week with an 18-2 mark with no one else even hitting 17-3, successfully nailing West Virginia over TCU and LA-Monroe over Troy against the majority. That was good enough to take the week by six points:

1 rockhopper78 18-2 195 21-34
2 TennRebel 16-4 189 13-27
3 blue 42 15-5 183 24-21
4 DinnerJacket 15-5 181 20-28
5 War Birds 16-4 179 10-30
6 tomo1513 16-4 178 24-31
7 BZACHARY 14-6 177 0-0
8 birdjam 14-6 176 17-31
9 omar2779 15-5 173 23-27**
9 GeorgeMonkey 14-6 173 17-35

Meanwhile in the overall standings, birdjam is back on top by just a deuce over Anaconda, rockhopper moves up to 9th place, and plenty are still in contention. Among your prestigious writing staff, Joel is in 13th, Incipient is 23rd, and from the back in 61st place is yours truly. Give me time.

1 birdjam 159-41 1804
2 Anaconda 158-42 1802
3 richvol 156-44 1784
4 wedflatrock 155-45 1780
5 biologydropout 156-44 1773
6 Butch Please 153-47 1771
7 jfarrar90 154-46 1769
7 ChuckieTVol 156-44 1769
9 rockhopper78 146-54 1768
10 GTT-Football 150-50 1764

Tonight it's all the glory of a big Saturday packed into Thursday: three games on the slate, including Oregon/Stanford and Oklahoma/Baylor. Here's how our community is feeling this week:

  • 86% take Baylor at home over Oklahoma in a sentence you never thought you'd read a few years ago. Having seen their wrath firsthand we're even more confident in Oregon: 94.1% like the Ducks on the road at Stanford.
  • In SEC action on Saturday Texas A&M (over Miss State), Florida (over Vanderbilt), and Missouri (at Kentucky) are all batting 1.000. One person is taking Arkansas at Ole Miss.
  • 74.5% like Auburn to beat our Vols at high noon, which, as we've said all year, is why they'd call it an upset. 88.2% take Alabama over LSU.
  • It's a week full of big games, but everyone's playing the favorites heavy so far: Auburn is the least confident pick of the week.
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