RTT Gameday Online Game-Watching Party


Because the Vols can't play all day . . .

It's finally Gameday, and here's your Rocky Top Talk Gameday Open Thread along with a proposed schedule for the day. It assumes you're stuck at home and not going to the game. After ESPN College Gameday, the games to watch start with Toledo at Florida at 12:21, which you'll want to watch to get a read on the Gators. Ditto the Nicholls State at Oregon game at 4:00 on Fox Sports 1. You'll neither want or need to watch the end of that game because Oregon will have scored a megajillion points by halftime and because the Tennessee game starts at 6:00.

Set the DVR to record Auburn, Kentucky, and Western Kentucky at 7:00 because you'll want to get a read on these guys, and you'll want to have something to watch Tuesday and Wednesday anyway. The Georgia-Clemson game is a big one, but it starts while Tennessee's game is still going on, so set the DVR, and when the Vols are done, start watching it, catch up, and then watch the end of that live. When that one's over, you can flip over to LSU/TCU.

Don't forget to enter your answers to the RTT Guessing Game and to keep up with your RTT Pick Em Standings during the day.

So here's Gameday, and there's the schedule. Happy Saturday to y'all.

TIME Visitor Home Channel How to Watch Why to Watch
12:21 p.m. ET Toledo 10 Florida SEC Network, ESPN3.com Watch Scoutin'
4 p.m. ET Nicholls State 3 Oregon FOX Sports 1 Watch, then record Scoutin'
5:30 p.m. ET 1 Alabama Virginia Tech ESPN Record, watch later Scoutin'
6 p.m. ET Austin Peay Tennessee PPV, ESPN3.com WATCH TEAM 117
7 p.m. ET Washington State Auburn ESPNU Record, watch later Scoutin'
7 p.m. ET Kentucky WKU ESPN News Record, watch later Double scoutin'
8 p.m. ET 5 Georgia 8 Clemson ABC Record, catch up after UT, then watch the rest live Scoutin'. Big Game.
9 p.m. ET 12 LSU 20 TCU ESPN Watch the rest after Georgia/Clemson ends. Big Game.
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