RTT Pick 'Em Week 2 - Standings & Trends

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

An updated look at who's picking who in this week's games.

Lots of familiar faces in the Week 1 leaderboard, including some with awesome entry names I'll let reveal themselves at their pleasure. A quartet of 19-1 weeks were led by danmarcel and dansarisacar, the latter taking the week via a closer score tiebreaker in the UT-Austin Peay game. Your Top 10 after week one - full standings here

1 dansarisacar 19-1 209 10-42**
1 danmarcel 19-1 209 10-63
3 Joel @ RTT 18-2 206 10-55
4 Hating Butch before hating Butch is cool. 19-1 205 8-47
5 Rockypop 18-2 204 7-49**
5 memphispete 19-1 204 13-52
7 psnyder1 17-3 202 10-40**
7 birdjam 17-3 202 13-45
7 Anaconda 17-3 202 9-63
7 Aerobab 18-2 202 38-3

Week 2 is full of a lot of "meh", especially after FCS opponents blew up a pair of potentially interesting games "featuring" South Florida and San Diego State this week. We removed them from the board and went with some old favorites in the former offensive coordinator category instead. And remember: if you're one of the ten entries who signed up but forgot to pick last week, you're not completely out of the running. If you forget to pick in any given week, you simply get one point less than the lowest score that week instead of taking a zero and getting knocked completely out of the running.

Some trends for this week:

  • In tonight's action on Fox Sports 1, 96.7% like East Carolina over Florida Atlantic. We're much less sure tomorrow night, where only 65.5% like Boston College at home over Wake Forest, both teams struggling at times with FCS foes last week.
  • Other close calls this week: 62.2% take Utah State on the road at Air Force, and in the week's two biggest games, 61.0% like Georgia at home over South Carolina, and 62.2% take Michigan at home over Notre Dame.
  • SEC confidence abounds: 72.4% like Florida at Miami, 95% like Auburn at home over Arkansas State, and 94.9% like Tennessee over Western Kentucky, because we apparently ain't scared.
  • Most confident pick of the week: Oregon is drawing a monstrous 19.2 confidence points on average at Virginia (can't lie, I've got 20 on them myself) with 96.6% picking the Ducks. Least confident: Florida, despite getting 72.4% of the vote, is pulling just 4.7 confidence points on average; Miami is getting just 3.5 on average from those who like the home team.

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