Rocky Top Talking Points

Dooley Doesn't Dougie, but He Does Do a Dance

Derek Dooley refuses to answer questions about the depth chart and won't release it until Thursday. In the meantime, the team earned the right to have music at practice, and Herman Lathers used the opportunity to play the team's unofficial theme song

Get to Know Your Vols (and Your Fellow Rocky Top Talkers)

The Vols videographer has asked some questions of our players to help us get to know them better. We're doing the same with the Rocky Top Talk community.

The Daniel McCullers Legend Begins

Tennessee nose tackle Daniel McCullers is big. Really big. So big that players always make "that noise" when he tackles them.

Talking Points: Debriefing Milligan and Preparing for the Final Scrimmage

Today's Talking Points takes a lot at what the team brought back with them from Milligan and what they're looking to accomplish in tonight's final preseason scrimmage.

Talking Points: Focusing on Turnovers, Big Plays, and Winning the 4th Quarter

The day's roundup of Vols news leads with a quote from Derek Dooley concerning the team's focus on three key areas that correlate strongly to winning.

A Daddy's Story

[Editor's note: This really has nothing ... and still something .... to do with UT football. With Father's Day looming and finally getting to experience the day and its significance first-hand, I...

On Sports, Life, and Change

Some reflections on spending six years away from the team that you love, what you find while you're gone, and what it means to come home again.

Women's College World Series Open Thread

GAME 1 - Tennessee vs Alabama - Thursday 7:00 PM ET - ESPN2 - Alabama wins 5-3 GAME 2 - Tennessee vs Oregon - Saturday 2:30 PM ET - ESPN2 The Lady Vols are in their fifth Women's College World...

Tennessee vs Georgia Softball Super Regional Weekend Open Thread

This is an argument for another day, but since Candace Parker's graduation (and with a hat tip of respect to the 2010 men's basketball team), the best program in Knoxville and the one most likely...

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Pardon the sometimes sparse and often intermittent content here at RTT over the past several weeks. There's a reason. Actually, there are a lot of reasons, but one of the most relevant to y'all is...

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