25 Under 25

The 25 best male athletes under the age of 25. Hope y'all enjoy. thanks

Tennessee Basketball Hype Video!!! Must SEE!!

This is an incredible inspirational video about the Tennessee Mens basketball team and their incredible run in the tournament so far!! Gives Me Chills!!Crazy Highlights too!!

Tennessee Football: A Year in the Life

"As the anchor on the ESPN desk says, "If Butch Jones' first year in Knoxville is any indication, 'the times, they are a changin' ""

Peace and Love in the Tennessee War Room [Grantland]

"After months of nonstop sprinting, the Volunteers' second-year staff saunters, improbably, to a top-five finish on National Signing Day"

Interactive Map: 2014 SEC National Signing Day - Good Bull Hunting

This is a terrific little map, although I think it's confusing China with Germany, which, you know, make your own joke. The troll button is a nice touch.

'Bama premptively notifies NCAA of upcoming Violations

The truth in Advertising People have struck again while no one was looking

Pat Forde's over and underachiever index

His formula essentially ranks a team's based on the number of NFL combine participants from that school. He then subtracts the team's final Sagarin rating from the combine number. Some teams were obvious overachievers in 2012... Stanford ranked 22nd in talent and 9th in Sagarin for a rating of +13. The biggest overachiever was Northwestern at +69 due to a talent rating of 90 vs. a Sagarin rating of 21. Other prominent overachievers include Ole Miss(+66), Texas Tech(+53), Louisville(+47), Michigan(+44) and Vanderbilt(+39). Care to guess who the biggest underachievers were? The worst was Hawaii at -86 with a talent ranking of 33 and a Sagarin rating of 118. Other notable underachievers are Illinois(-83), Boston College(-65), Southern Mississippi(-77), UConn(-63), Cal(-60) and Arkansas(-55). As for Tennessee, and Mister Orange Dockers, we came in at a score that looks better by comparison to the above but is still in fact horrendous at -40.

Eric Berry is the Best Safety in the NFL

Chiefs' fans love Eric Berry. Well of course they do.


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