Vols Donning The Smokey Greys For Vandy

Butch Jones says Vols will bring back ‘Smokey gray’ uniforms for Vandy game. For some reason i think this counts for a few extra points. It looks like they are going to make the Smokey Grey a more standard color.

USA Today reports Butch Jones earning $4.86m yearly, good for 4th nationally

This directly contradicts earlier reports after his hiring that put Jones' salary in the $3m range. If true, it would also make Jones the 3rd-highest paid SEC coach, behind Saban and Bret Bielema(!?!?). This report could obviously be inaccurate, but considering Tennessee's history of displaying all the fiscal prudence of a joint Tyler Bray/Stephen Garcia Tijuana birthday kegger, it also wouldn't be shocking- and in that case, this reeeeaaaallly better work out with Butch, Yall's thoughts?

Pure awesomeness..

"Bulletproof" narrated by Inky Johnson

My Halloween costume: Darth Vol!


I thought you guys would enjoy this.

4* JUCO WR Lavon Pearson Commits to the Vols

The weekend of awesome continues.

UT Vols Seating Diagram for Battle at Bristol

(If this has been published and/or discussed elsewhere, sorry for the duplication----I have not yet seen it on the web.) The link shows a PDF version of an order form I received from UT. I believe it's the first representation of the seating chart for the Battle at Bristol, showing placement of UT's ticket allotment. Looks like the Vols and Hokies have the "sideline" (sort of) seats with the end zones seats on sale to the public; about one-third each.

Tennessee and Virginia Tech Schedule Game at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016

Expected attendance of 160,000.

Can anyone in Knoxville corroborate the claims on this petition?

This showed up in my Facebook feed, but since they don't link out to any support news stories or school sites, I kind of wonder how true it is. #1 sounds plausible, but also like something that is probably already in play. #2 sounds unenforceable, and #3 sounds like just another policy that is for teams with no bands. Thoughts?

Vols get commitment from 4-star JUCO OT Dontavius Blair ($)

This is a fantastic pickup. As the Vols stand to possibly lose all five starting offensive linemen next year, getting a guy that can play ball immediately is a big deal.

Yes, this Eric Berry video is awesome

The best thing to happen to this program in the past decade or so can still provide some entertainment.


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