Yes, this Eric Berry video is awesome


The best thing to happen to this program in the past decade or so can still provide some entertainment.

Tyler Bray Makes the Chief's Roster Over Ricky Stanzi


The Chiefs cut Ricky Stanzi, who is still proud to be an American, in favor of The Gunslinger, who is now making a decent paycheck. Good for Tyler. He's third string now, but methinks he'll be second string before you know it.

Apparent talent and coaching effects, from Football Study Hall


Of special interest for our community: one of the commenters (Jim Kanicki) averaged the deltas for each coach in the study, and then created best and worst lists (ie, who over or under performed relative to expected performance level given the talent on hand).

Jalen Hurd Gets His 5th Star ($)


It's official. Hendersonville running back and Tennessee commitment Jalen Hurd is now a five-star prospect. There was little question on Hurd's ability after a stellar junior campaign where he rushed for a state record 3,357 yards and 43 touchdowns on 317 carries. The Rivals team of analysts had seen what he could do on film and in person in a game but they wanted another look before giving him the coveted fifth star and he answered any lingering doubt he was one of the nation's top players. After healing from shoulder a shoulder injury during the spring Hurd was able to attend the Columbus, Ohio, Nike camp were he proved he is one of the nation's elite. And KidB knows how much we here at RTT love us some stars.

Tennessee hoops won't play Kentucky at home this year


Um, excuse me? We're not playing Kentucky at home in basketball this year? How did that happen?

How good was Tennessee's O-Line last year? According to the stats, pretty damn good.


Our friendly SBNation LSU blog And The Valley Shook has taken a look at creating a ranking system for last year's SEC offensive lines (including both running and passing). Since the line will definitely be a huge key for this year (other than NORTH!), it's a highly recommended read.

Cuonzo staying busy on 2014 class...


This close to football season, these little jewels slip through the cracks.

Out kick the Coverage...


Gee, thanks...veiled truth at some points admitted.

Jay Bradford: Class of 2015


This young man will be close enough for me to see this fall. You can bet I'll be decked out in Vol gear sneaking a word. Jay Bradford at 247

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