2012 RTT Review

Tennessee Crumbles Against the Crimson Tide

The Vols blew a couple of chances to stay in the game and wound up getting blown out of the water in a 44-13 loss to the Crimson Tide.

Tennessee vs Alabama: Days of Future Past

As the Tide continues to rise and the Vols get farther and farther from their glory days, another undefeated Alabama squad looks to send another Tennessee coach to the edge of unemployment.

Roundtable: Has Dooley Delivered What He Promised?

We all know the win/loss situation. But that's not the only factor on which to judge coaches. And after all, Dooley never promised wins, at least not in any specified timeframe. So what did he promise? And has he delivered? RTT writers weigh in.

MSU 41 Vols 31 - Sands of the Hourglass

The loss to Mississippi State means time is almost up for Derek Dooley, and Alabama and South Carolina are up next.

Vols-MSU Preview: To Live and Die in Starkville

Is Mississippi State really that good? Is Derek Dooley really that good? Only one program gets to move forward on Saturday night.

Dooley will coach from press box after surgery

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley had successful surgery to repair a broken hip, but he will coach the Vols from the press box when they face Mississippi State.


Band and Video Game Geeks UNITE!

Seriously, this video game themed halftime show by the Ohio State marching band is every superlative you want to use from start to finish. High fives all around for college football.

Vols-Mississippi State: Fancy Meeting You Here

The most important game of Derek Dooley's career...in Starkville? Against the undefeated Mississippi State Bulldogs? Believe it.

Daddy, are we there yet?

The long journey of getting the Tennessee Volunteer football program back to where it should be continues, and the kids are getting restless.

Georgia 51 Tennessee 44 - Growing Pains

In a game with big plays galore, Tennessee bounced back from adversity twice but couldn't land the finishing blow. The Vols grew today, still have serious issues on defense, and must continue to get better for Derek Dooley to survive.

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