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Tennessee Volunteers Taken In Undrafted Free Agency

A list of Tennessee Volunteers taken in the NFL's undrafted free agency.

Robert Ayers is the only Vol taken in the NFL Draft

For the first time since the AFL/NFL merger, Tennessee sends only one player through the NFL Draft. How much can we blame lack of talent for the Vols' 2008 disaster?

Robert Ayers Presser - Mile High Report

The transcription from the press conference after Robert Ayers was selected by the Denver Broncos.


The first Tennessee Volunteer drafted, Robert Ayers went at #18 to the Denver Broncos. How will he fit into the new 3-4 Broncos system under Josh McDaniels?


A live discussion of the NFL draft for all Tennessee Volunteers fans and for anybody interested in the fate of the former Vols.

Many More Players Leaving Tennessee: NFL Draft Plan of Action

The final wrap-up for Volunteers fans on the eve of the NFL draft.

The Pendulum Swing of Heath Shuler

On the 15th Anniversary of his selection in the 1994 NFL Draft, we remember Heath Shuler's contribution to Tennessee Football and his legacy on and off the field.

Unfortunate Events: Arian Foster and the NFL Draft

A review of the decline of Arian Foster's draft stock over the last year.

Major NFL Draft Announcement - Mile High Report

The SBNation blogs for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets are going to be media-credentialed attenders of the NFL draft on Saturday. It's not directly Tennessee Volunteer news, but it's a huge milestone for SBNation in general. Over the last few years, SBNation blogs have been steadily receiving more and more credibility as a news source as well as a fan community. Consider this a hearty shout-out to our NFL cousin blogs in the SBNation family for the rewards to a lot of hard work and patience.

Will Robert Ayers Be The Victim Of Unlucky NFL Draft Order?

An evaluation of the draft prospects for the best Volunteer available, defensive end Robert Ayers, and why the draft is particularly ill-suited for him this year.

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