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Was The Texans' 2013 Draft Class A Bust?


Brett Kollmann takes to the airwaves to talk about all thing Houston Texans as training camp inches closer. Was the 2013 draft class a bust? Is Andre Johnson being selfish? Is Ryan Fitzpatrick...

Arian Foster Medically Cleared To Return To Action


Houston Texans running back Arian Foster announced that his doctor has given him clearance to return to action. With Ben Tate heading to the Browns, this qualifies as rather sizable news.

Battle Red Newswire: Let The Preseason Begin


Wednesday is the last a.m. practice before the first preseason game this Friday. We're down a Reed, a running back (or two), and a rookie linebacker who failed in his one job of being in shape as a...

Battle Red Newswire: R.I.P. Da Viiiine


The birth of a new technology is giving the people what they want: more Swaggg. "Boring videos will be unfollowed."

Madden Cover Vote: Cinderella Foster Does It Again


Arian Foster, one of the NFL's best underdog stories, racked up another victory as the underdog in the Madden 25 Cover Vote. Up next is the 2012 league MVP. Is the Cinderella story over?

Do You Believe In Curses?


Arian Foster is in the Final Four of the Madden 25 cover vote hosted by ESPN. How indifferent does this make you feel?

Arian Foster Says Gay Player Will Come Soon


Arian Foster (Photo: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports) Houston Texans running back Arian Foster says it won't be long before there is an openly...

The perfect 2010 NFL fantasy football draft


Roddy White was the perfect No. 1 fantasy pick All through July and August, fantasy football players struggle with the planning of their NFL...

An Emotional Arian Foster Reacts To New Deal During Press Conference At Reliant Stadium


Arian Foster signs his new deal with the Texans, and then we went and made us all love him even more.

Arian Foster Briefly Addresses His Contract Situation


It's only a snippet, but it's something. Arian Foster talks about the possibility of a long-term contract in Houston.

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