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We're looking for a few good pens


Have a love of hockey and the Tampa Bay Lightning? We're looking for a few good pens to expand our coverage here on Raw Charge.

We're Here!

It looks like the move is complete. Save for some lingering domain name issues, everything appears to be in order. First of all let me say we are excited to join T.H. and the SB Nation community. B...

The Triangle Ryder Cup


Golf. This Saturday I will be joining other local bloggers at Knights Play in Apex to play in an event being dubbed the Triangle Ryder Cup. My internet based writing cohorts will be pitted against...

Site Maintenance Tonight


Please note the blog will be down tonight beginning at 9 PM EST for site maintenance. I am moving to a new web host in hopes that will alleviate some of the site slowness, especially on game days....

Blog Issues and Maintenance


As many of you know THF has experienced some incredible growth over the past six to eight months. As a result traffic is higher but at the same time the reliability of the site seemed to wane....

Happy Thanksgiving!


Just a reminder from Danny Freaking Green that nothing goes better with turkey than some stuffing...and depressed Duke fans. From all of us here at THF, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and if...

My View This Week


I will be on vacation this week so Doc is minding the store in the meantime. Of course the fact I'll be on the beach most of the day and largely cut off from the world(how do people live like...

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Watch UNC-Duke In Korea?


It dawned on me after I had posted the game preview that it left the impression I had something bad going on. Nothing could be further from the truth. On Thursday, Tar Heel Wife and I received a...

Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Sniffing Glue


Because the longer this goes on the more I feel like I am in the movie Airplane! Quite a day here at THF. Tempers flared. Someone got banned. I got hate email which has never happened before. It is...

Just a Reminder


Yes we are frustrated. Yes it is bordering on insanity to watch the same mistakes over and over. A season like this tends to test the standards of civil discussion on which this blog was...

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