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Bruce Pearl hopes for the best - Luke Winn, SI.com

Are you sure that the worst is not yet to come? "I don't know," Pearl told SI.com in an interview following the clinic. "We did what we felt like we needed to do, to take steps proactively to penalize ourselves. I think the penalties were unprecedented in some scope. But we made mistakes. We provided false and misleading information to the NCAA. "I should be made an example of, and I am -- I'm embarrassed. But I hope that the things we did don't rise to the level of termination, because we run a clean program. We got investigated in a lot of areas."

Lovin' Pearl, Big Baby and UT Hoops


Big Baby has seen what it takes to get into the NBA. So, he's decided to work this offseason. I mean, really work. For a change. Personal trainer, lots of shots, the whole meal deal. For a young man who used to have a couch glued to his very wide behind and a sack of fast food stacked on his gut, Big Baby's transformation into physical awesomeness should be coming this year. (Or at least not sucking wind after 5 minutes of play). Brian Williams can be a rip down the rim dunking and rebounding machine - if he gets strong enough physically and intense enough attitudinally. He's working on the physical. Maybe the meanness is coming as well? Chism's talent alone couldn't quite get him there because he's a 3-4 tweener in the NBA (body of a 3, played an NBA-equivalent 4, way too small for a 5). JP's talent and relations didn't work either. Maybe close but no cigar woke Big Baby up? I love that Bruce Pearl has the connections to get him what he needs to give Big Baby the best shot at being a very good college player with a shot at the NBA as a role player.

KNS: Bruce Pearl on Black Uniforms


As always, Pearl (along with Chris Lofton and Brandon Crump) offers great perspective on the balance between tradition and change.

Pearl's new deal worth reported $2.4 million per year


KNS (Mike Griffith) says the contract will likely start under $2 mil, but when bonuses are factored in it should average out to 2.4 annually, pushing Pearl back above Anthony Grant to third-highest in the SEC. The report includes a 15 percent increase in the assistant salary pool.

Walking in Memphis: a Brief Reflection on Reality, Basketball, and Bruce Pearl… | Gate 21


A great recap, analysis, and commentary of the whole Pearl-to-Memphis scare from Gate 21.

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