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Report: David Cutcliffe to stay at Duke

Phillip Fulmer's ex-offensive coordinator will reportedly say no to Tennessee, making the Vols 0-3 on their first choices and upping the pressure on Mike Hamilton.

GVX: Cutcliffe to Tennessee nearly official

GVX is citing a source in reporting that David Cutcliffe to Tennessee as the Vols' new head football coach is nearly official, barring a last second snag in contract negotiations.

Source: David Cutcliffe to release statement soon

Per an inside source at the Duke Athletic Department, David Cutcliffe is set to make some sort of an announcement shortly. I have reason to believe it has something to do with the Tennessee...

The Pendulum Swings in Knoxville

Why Tennessee's next move may be more Phillip Fulmer than Lane Kiffin.

2008 retrospective: Preseason

RTT's series reviewing the 2008 Tennessee Volunteers football season begins with a discussion of what changed in the preseason, namely that offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe went to Duke, and Phillip Fulmer replaced him with Dave Clawson.

What To Do When Crompton Is Named The Starting Quarterback

The early reports from Tennessee football practice are beginning to suggest that one player is closing in on the starting quarterback role. Who is that player, and what does that mean?

Question of the day: Ainge and the Clawfense or Cutcliffe and Crompton

Which of the following two scenarios would have improved this Season of Constant Sorrow more and why? Erik Ainge returns for another year of eligibility and runs the Clawfense under Dave Clawson. ...

Impressionism and the Clawfense

So here we are, three short days until the circle of life begins anew and football overtakes gardening as the #1 pasttime in the nation.  (I don't know if that's technically true, but I'm sure...

Dancing with disaster: the South Carolina Gamecocks

Pre-game After only half a season, the Vols had already stumbled out of the gate, lucked into a lead in the SEC East, and then squandered that lead in embarrassing fashion in Tuscaloosa....

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