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Clay Travis: NCAA to Charge Tennessee, Lane Kiffin With Violations


Clay Travis is reporting that the NCAA will charge Tennessee, Lane Kiffin, and Kiffin assistant David Reaves (now with New Mexico) with a failure to monitor violation. It largely stems from the improper use of hostesses from the now-defunct Orange Pride organization, some of whom were seen and photographed at high school games of recruits. Travis says the NCAA will charge Reaves with spearheading the campaign, but UT and Kiffin will be hit as well. Failure to monitor is usually a major violation, but it's not as bad as lack of institutional control. I personally am still left wondering how Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton has a job. He presided over the disastrous Fulmer-to-Kiffin transition, and now he's got violations in the two most visible sports on campus. We'll have more on this as the story develops.

NCAA Investigation of Tennessee Widens a Bit


We've been following the investigations at Florida, Alabama, and especially South Carolina pretty closely, but there's one going on at Tennessee too. They're looking into Lane Kiffin's recruiting practices that resulted in secondary violations, specifically the sending of hostesses to high school games and the ways recruits were contacted. Most of the investigation has centered on Kiffin himself and his former assistants who are still at Tennessee, but now they're going so far as to talk to David Reaves. He's Kiffin's brother-in-law and now is working at New Mexico. If you thought the NCAA was not really paying attention to this case like I did, well, I guess we're wrong.

David Reaves interviewed in NCAA invesitgation


Lane Kiffin's brother-in-law was left behind in his sudden move to Southern Cal. Will David Reaves get his revenge by way of NCAA investigators?

Stepping Back: A Look at the Tyler Bray Commitment


Taking a minute to breathe and evaluate the commitment of Tyler Bray to the Tennessee Volunteers.

Talking Points: Tennessee to remove names from jerseys?


The day's news links for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including the question of whether Lane Kiffin will remove the players' names from the jerseys this fall.

Anatomy of an Anticipated Storyline


A cell phone photo show Lane Kiffin to be out where drinks and coeds are involved. Scandal? A closer look tells the truth...

Talking points: have we been here before edition?


A quick roundup of the day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans.

Recruiting U: the innovation we didn't expect


Lane Kiffin's bold new vision for the Tennessee Volunteer coaching staff -- to flatten out the coaching structure and re-make Tennessee into Recruiting U -- might just be the innovation fans were...

Rating Steve Spurrier's Assistant Coach Hires


Rating South Carolina's coaching hires.

Smelley to Transfer; G. A. Mangus Hired as Offensive Coordinator


Garnet and Black Attack on G. A. Mangus and Chris Smelley.

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