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It's nice to know ESPN is on the ball for this weekend....

And that Doctor Lou is paying very close attention to the games for this weekend   Without a doubt he is #Winning!   And just in case they manage to catch on  to his goof at ESPN by morning, well...


ESPN.CONN PR arm of UConn & the BEast ?

In Women's College Basketball there is one media outlet that exclusively broadcasts the tournament while maintaining the most widely read website for the sport.  This is the result of several weeks...

UT v. Auburn Set for Primetime


Tennessee v. Auburn is set for 7:45 p.m. on ESPN. Now, if we could only get Ron Franklin back on the ESPN Saturday night broadcast.

That line was Mike's idea, by the way, ok? Alright, Urban?


Lane Kiffin's quotes: IN CONTEXT.

Talking Points: Tennessee to remove names from jerseys?


The day's news links for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including the question of whether Lane Kiffin will remove the players' names from the jerseys this fall.

ESPN's Pat Forde: Hottest Rivalries in 2009


Say whatever you want about "Loudmouth Lane Kiffin" and how he's the worst coach for the job, he's vaulted a rivalry that had about 0 liters of gas in it and turned it into a bonfire. Honestly, this deal is getting hyped so much if Tennessee does manage to pull off the improbably, Florida's reputation might be completely ruined. And if Tennessee loses, it was expected, Kiffin will get a bit "smacked down" and that will be the end of it. But honestly, guys, what if...?

Are secondary violations an exploitable recruiting loophole?


Was Lane Kiffin's potential secondary violation on ESPN's Outside the Lines calculated? Is that a good thing?

Lane Kiffin on ESPN's Outside the Lines


Lane Kiffin's featured on ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Talking points: who's got the Munchies?


A round up of the day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including a blurb on the QB recruit with the name everyone loves: Munchie Legaux.

Rocky Top Tennessee: 128 pages of ad-free Tennessee Volunteer football content


Rocky Top Tennessee 2009, a Maple Street Press annual containing 128 pages of ad-free content about the Tennessee Volunteers football team, is now available for pre-order.

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