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Tennessee Vols Statistical Rankings After Week One

We're monitoring Tennessee's improvement in all of the major statistical categories, even with the severely limited data set.


Welcome to a special end-of-season #opportunityisnowhere post in which we forget about weeklies and simply compare Dooley's Year One to Dooley's Year Zero. First, let's calibrate things with a look...

#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Monitoring Tennessee Football's Improvement

RTT's latest installment looking at national rankings in every NCAA stat category to gauge the improvement of Tennessee football.

#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Monitoring Tennessee Football's . . . Condition

#opportunityisnowhere: Monitoring Tennessee Football's improvement.

#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Monitoring Tennessee Football's Improvement, Week 9

According to the national rankings, the Tennessee Volunteers do in fact do some things well. Some things they're not doing well are due to injuries and a rough October slate. Rushing offense, though? Bad wrong.

#ISOPPORTUNITYREALLYNOWHERE? Monitoring Tennessee Football's, Ahem, Improvement

Tracking Tennessee football's attempt at improvement.

#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Tracking Tennessee Football's Improvement

This just in. Playing the top two teams in the nation back-to-back and immediately after another solid defense from another rival while losing key contributors like Spinal Tap loses drummers will...

#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Tracking Tennessee Football's Improvement

A look at the national rankings for most statistical categories, where Tennessee is doing well, and where it needs to improve to once again become a contender.

#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Tracking Tennessee Football's Opportunity for Improvement in October

The stats suggesting that the Tennessee football program has improved will mean next to nothing in October, not just because the competition changes, but because the players responsible for those numbers won't be able to test them against that competition.

#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Tracking Tennessee Football's Opportunity for Improvement Post-Buffalo

Tennessee's passing offense continues to cruise, and the defense is improving but needs to start generating turnovers.

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