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Cubs Lower 2013 Tickets As Much As 10 Percent


The Cubs acknowleged Tuesday, in sending invoices to season-ticket holders, that many tickets were priced too high; some season packages are down as much as 10 percent from 2012 pricing.

How The Cubs Should Price 2013 Tickets


Tuesday, Cubs season-ticket holders will get invoices for next year. Will prices, which have been way too high, come down commensurate with team performance? Here's one way they could price tickets...

Grizzlies Announce Their 10- and 20-Game Packages for the 2012-13 Season


Grizzlies announce season tickets packages, which include 10, 20 and Flex Pack packages.

So What Happens to Season Ticket Holders if There's a Strike?


So now that there's not going to be a strike (yet) we can turn our attention to other things. Like, y'know, what happens if there is a strike? And specifically, what happens to the most loyal...

This is Either the Best or Worst Season Ticket Renewal Campaign Ever


This is the best season ticket renewal campaign ever. And by "best" I'm pretty sure I mean "worst." Except I probably really mean best. Although if by some chance you're going to click on the link...

Seattle Sounders FC meets Matchmaker.com


The Seattle Sounders FC has come out with an exclusive site that resembles matchmaking or social networking sites such as Match.com, Harmony.com or Facebook. Such a site was originally a demand...

Diamondbacks Season Ticket Scholarship


Through this program, the Diamondbacks will award full or partial season tickets to D-backs fans going through financial or personal hardships. Nominate a candidate by describing why this person is a D-backs fan (300 word limit) and WHY this fan deserves season ticket scholarship (600 word limit). The nomination process will close at 11:59 p.m. on November 28, 2011

Backlash: "Club Red" and forced (seat) relocation at BankAtlantic Center


As (very) longtime Panthers season seat holders in sections 101, 102, and 134 have received after-the-fact notification of the club's desire to relocate them to "comparable" areas of the building...

Will you be there part 2


Will you be there part 2

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