Tennessee Volunteer Football

JUCO DT Ben Bradley commits to Tennessee


The Vols get their 12th commitment for the 2013 class in a 6'3" 310 lbs defensive tackle.

What's in Your Junk Drawer?


A recent trip to Hobby Lobby got me thinking. What sort of stuff is in Tennessee's junk drawer, and is it time to toss any of it?

NCAA Football 13 - Tennessee Player Ratings


Last week we looked at the team ratings for the new EA Sports college football game, in stores July 10. The Vols are an 89 overall (88 offense - 84 defense - 4 star prestige). This ties UT with...

DOOLEY 2012: Ranking Tennessee's Most Important Games


We rank Tennessee's 12 opponents from least to most important for Derek Dooley's 2012 season.

RTT's Brad Shepard on Southern Sports Tonight at 3:30 EDT


Hey, all. Just a quick public service announcement that Brad's going to be on the Southern Sports Tonight radio show this afternoon with Scott McKinney at 3:30 EDT. You can listen live here.

Tee Martin to Peerless Price in the Fiesta Bowl wins the Best Plays Bracket


The lesson here, to no surprise: 1998 is king. The Martin-to-Price bomb to essentially clinch the National Championship narrowly beat Clint Stoerner's fumble that same season to win our month-long...

Eligibility Casualty: Lanier Lost For 2012


Vols lose starting cornerback Izaeua Lanier to grades for the 2012 season.

Best Plays Finals: Peerless Price 98 FSU vs Clint Stoerner 98 Arkansas


It's the finals: Clint Stoerner's stumble and fumble to get the Vols to the National Championship versus Tee Martin and Peerless Price for the play that helped win it.

DOOLEY 2012: The SEC Spring Meetings Agenda


Annual rivalries, future scheduling, playoffs and more are on the table this week at the SEC Spring Meetings. What matters most to Derek Dooley and Tennessee?

Best Plays Final Four: Manning/Kent 95 Bama vs Clint Stoerner 98 Arkansas


The first play of the first win over Alabama in a decade, or the fumble that saved a National Championship season?

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