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Tennessee-Memphis: post-game awards

  • Best forgetfulness: Erik Ainge, who followed up last year's Memphis game -- one of three for six yards and one interception -- by going 23 of 27 for 324 yards and four touchdowns against the Tigers this year.
  • Worst unfair advantage: Some Memphis defensive lineman (whose name eludes me), who lined up in the neutral zone.  The penalty erased teammate Quinton McCrary's interception for a touchdown that might have changed the tenor of the game.
  • Best backfire: Memphis punter Michael Gibson, who was ssssss-mokin.  Gibson punted seven times for 356 yards and averaged 50.9 yards per attempt.  He booted one 73 yards, and his teammates were able to down three of his punts inside the five yard line.  Unfortunately for the Tigers, this merely afforded Erik Ainge and the Volunteer offense the opportunity to gain more yards on their way to five touchdowns.
  • Worst debut: UT running back Ja'Kouri Williams, who fumbled the ball in Tennessee territory on his first carry of the season.  Memphis scored its only touchdown on the next play.
  • Worst evidence of motivation: Memphis running back Joseph Doss, who, after telling the media how psyched he was to play against the Vols, was suspended for the first half of the game for being late to a pre-game team meeting.
  • Best six-point block: UT wide receiver Bret Smith, who, after team mate Robert Meachem caught a deep pass, raced across the field and blocked two defenders at once, clearing the way for Meachem to get to the end zone.
  • Best perspective: Erik Ainge, who, after a banner day and a solid fifth game in a row, pointed out that his team is currently 0-1 in the SEC.