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BlogPoll: week seven draft

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan 1
3 West Virginia 1
4 Southern Cal 3
5 Louisville --
6 Texas 3
7 Auburn 4
8 Florida 6
9 Tennessee 3
10 California 2
11 Clemson 1
12 Arkansas 2
13 Notre Dame 1
14 Georgia Tech 1
15 Nebraska 6
16 Oregon --
17 Missouri --
18 Boise State 1
19 LSU 1
20 Oklahoma 3
21 Wisconsin 5
22 Florida State 4
23 Rutgers 1
24 Boston College 1
25 Texas A&M 1

Dropped Out: Iowa (#15), Georgia (#18), Virginia Tech (#22).
Nos. 1-5. Florida loses and tumbles out. Auburn climbs, but not back into the top five. Remember last week when I reminded myself to move Louisville above West Virginia because at least they'd beaten Miami? Well, as Gilda Radner would say, nevermind. Louisville almost lost to Cincinnati, and West Virginia continues to pound unknowns.

Texas is the best one-loss team in the nation right now, thanks to Georgia losing to Vanderbilt. Wow, that must be embarassing. Wait, again, nevermind.

Auburn and Florida settle in to the top two spots in the SEC, but are still behind the non-beatens and Texas. Thanks to Georgia's loss to Vandy, Tennessee falls a bit, but stays ahead of Cal. Arkansas is sneaking into the mix.

No other big changes except for Nebraska, who's been flying under my radar and Wisconsin, who's apparently been flying under everyone's radar. They've only lost to USC, and they've handled most other opponents fairly convincingly.

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