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Changes to the Hail Mary Haiku

Due to the increasing number of entries, we're going to change up the Hail Mary Haiku a bit.  This week we'll open up the festivities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and start voting on Thursdays and Fridays, probably through the main page poll on the right sidebar.  I'll post the winner on Sundays.

Four people received the same amount of winning votes for the Tennessee-Georgia Hail Mary Haiku, so we have a four-way tie for the winner:

Rusty at Radical Georgia Moderate

Bulldogs need an edge,
here's Quincy Carter's advice:
Crack's good for touchdowns.

Corn from a Jar

35 UT
points, many of which come from
LaMarcus Coker

Heavy Lunch

New Horror movie:
Children of the Corn Liquor
Ending:  Georgia wins

Doug, from Hey Jenny Slater

Good news: Vols suck no
more; bad news: It was really
Cutcliffe all along

Tennessee-Alabama opens tomorrow.