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Rocky Top Talking Points: Alabama Thursday edition

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Running late this morning, so this will be a very quick jog:

  • Check out this must-see picture of the destruction the Michigan defense leaves in its wake.
  • The Maxwell Pundit results are up.  The top five are: Troy Smith, Calvin Johnson, Steve Slaton, Lamarr Woodley, and Adrian Peterson.
  • This week's BlogPoll results are also up.  Tennessee is No. 6, behind Ohio State, Michigan, Southern Cal, Texas, and West Virginia.  As you can see, the blogosphere thinks that Tennessee is the second best one-loss team, yet still better than unbeaten Louisville, Boise State, and Rutgers.  Rocky Top Talk just missed the Straight Bangin' Award for the lowest bias rating.  I had Tennessee at No. 9, behind one-loss teams Texas and Auburn and behind undefeated Louisville as well.
  • The Tennessean has a nice feature on Alabama native and Tennessee receiver Jayson Swain.  Swain returned to practice Wednesday but was still limited.  Arron Sears, Anthony Parker, and Turk McBride were able to practice and are expected to play against the Tide.  Austin Rogers has mono and won't return for a few weeks.
  • Sears and receiver Robert Meachem were named midseason first-team All-Americans by and College Football News.  Quarterback Erik Ainge made second team on both lists behind Ohio State's Troy Smith.
  • And Corn from a Jar is continuing his Great Things about Tennessee/Alabama with a YouTube of the 1998 35-18 victory over the Tide that included, wonder of wonders, a kickoff return for a touchdown.