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Rocky Top Talking Points: Alabama Friday

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Crimson Tide tomorrow.  Talking points today:

  • EDSBS has posted its Tennessee-Alabama Factor Six preview, in which Neyland Stadium is compared to Mordor populated with "Orcs made of mud and evil."  Now that's a home-field advantage.
  • GoVolsXtra and Dave Hooker bring you the free Tennessee-Alabama podcast.
  • has Erik Ainge at No. 3 in a list of the top 15 QBs nationally.
  • The Ainge-Cutcliffe feature of the day is at CBS Sportsline today.
  • Running backs Arian Foster and LaMarcus Coker will be the deep men on kickoff returns for the Vols this Saturday.  We really need to break one of these for a TD.  It's been too long.
  • Injured defensive back Inky Johnson has been cleared to watch the game from the sidelines instead of the press box this week.  He's returned from his surgery at the Mayo Clinic, and he's been at team meetings and practices.  Tennessee fans will get a chance to show their support for him tomorrow, as he'll be honored on the field prior to kickoff.
  • Don't forget to vote (on the right sidebar) for your favorite Tennessee-Alabama Hail Mary Haiku.