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Tennessee-Alabama: Initial thoughts

Uh, whew.

How's that?

  • Another three point game betweeen bitter rivals.
  • Game ball to Erik Ainge, who struggled and struggled, and struggled some more, but never buckled.  Eventually won the game for the team.
  • John Parker Wilson is tough.  He got beat up over and over again, but kept his head.
  • I miss Todd Blackledge.
  • Sweet spin move by Antonio Reynolds to get to Wilson for the sack followed up by the game-sealing sack of Wilson by, I think, Jerod Mayo.
  • So who's the best one-loss team in the nation?  Texas needs a lucky fumble to pull out the win.  Tennessee barely squeaks out a victory against 'Bama.  Cal needs overtime to get past Washington.  I dunno, do you?

Whew.  I need to rest.