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Rocky Top Talking Points: Steve Spurrier Tuesday

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Get 'cher talking points here!

  • Be sure to check out the conversation going on in the diary section about Tennessee's bowl expectations.  Thanks to Volorado for piping up.
  • Has anybody seen Facing the Giants?  The trailer does a good job of selling the show, and my niece, who hates football, just gave it a resounding endorsement.  And hey, we beat Georgia this year, so seeing Mark Richt on the big screen isn't too offensive.
  • Congrats to fellow SB Nation bloggers Corn Nation and Bruins Nation, both of whom received Quotes of the Week awards from
  • With all of the close wins by one-loss teams this weekend -- Texas, Notre Dame, Tennessee, California -- discusses which one meant the most.  Their opinion?  Notre Dame, Texas, California, Tennessee, in that order.
  • They're coming . . . to your Citaaayyyy!  ESPN College GameDay will be in Columbia, South Carolina this weekend for the match up between the Vols and the Gamecocks.  What does Corso put on his head if he picks the Vols to win?
  • The Tennessee-LSU game will kick off at 3:30 p.m. EST on November 4 and will be shown on CBS.
  • Running back LaMarcus Coker has a sprained left knee and will be out three to six weeks.
  • Linebacker Jerod Mayo has been named the SEC's defensive player of the week.  He had 12 tackles against the Tide and the game-sealing sack of the Alabama QB looking to drive into field goal range.
  • And finally, UT-'Bama highlights, courtesy of Corn from a Jar, who, by the way, promises a post later this week on why Steve Spurrier is the Devil: