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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-South Carolina Hail Mary Haiku

Okay, here are the entries for the Tennessee-South Carolina Hail Mary Haiku.  I'm anticipating some late entries in the comments section, so feel free to add some down there -- it just might take awhile to get added to the ballot.

And thanks to all of the new players.  Don't get discouraged -- Corn from a Jar's been kicking all of our tails from day one.

Rocky Top Talk:

Cocky coach coaches
The Palmetto State Poultry
Packaged for Tyson

Rusty, Georgia Podcast Network:

Cooper on the spot,
Last time backs gave up big yards.
Put him there again.


Lamecocks are in for
a major embarrasment
Vols get their revenge

tnjimbob, Visorless:

The visor stays home
Mouth runs with sideways vigor
Impending loss Sat.

tnjimbob, Plucked:

Newton's pants meet turf.
Volunteer backs create sacks.
lamecocks plucked again.


Chicks home to roost
Run down while crossing this road
Gamecocks are cooked


Steve Superior
A legend in your own mind
Quit while you're ahead


Evil genius not so smart.
Independence bowl wishes dashed for Gamecocks
Gamecocks 2005 win = one hit wonder

Corn from a Jar:

Nothing to see here
Just Steve's visor on the ground
After touchdown Vols


Zero TD, 3 Picks?
Not so fast, my little friend.
J Cromp mops up 'Cocks.

Loser with Socks:

the VisorBoy, for real
or geigh, seeks in Fulmer
that void in the self