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Rocky Top Talking Points: Steve Spurrier Thursday

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Here's today's run-down:

  • First things first.  A must read post from Corn from a Jar on the commonalities between Steve Spurrier and the devil.  An excerpt:
    It's no fluke. Steve Spurrier is the Devil. El Diablo. Blacklegs. Old Scratch. Don't believe it? Think about this: before his fall into Hell, Satan began his existence in Heaven. Before going to Florida, Spurrier began his existence in Tennessee. The parallel is astounding.

    There's more, so go read the whole thing.

  • A funny bit about Jonathan Hefney, who's getting a great deal of well-deserved pub this week, from
    Against Marshall, in [freshman Demetrice] Morley's second start of the season, Hefney screamed at Morley in the huddle.

    "How you going to let that guy just run past you?" Hefney said.

    "I was like, 'What guy?' " Morley recalled.

    There was no guy, just Hefney having a little fun.

    "Hef just keeps me on my P's and Q's," Morley says. "I love playing with Hef. We just have so much fun out there."

  • Also, check out CFN's lengthy perspective piece on the Fulmer-Spurrier matchup.
  • has a Tennessee Road Trip posted.  It's not really the best piece, but it's some good national exposure for Knoxville and the Vols.  Get the seasoned fries at Gus'.
  • Smokey's owner says that Smokey didn't actually bite Alabama's Mike McCoy.  No matter, I still want video or a pic.  Anybody?  And by the way, has picked up the story.
  • Receiver Jayson Swain is doubtful for Saturday's game against the Gamecocks.  If he can't play, Bret Smith will take his spot, and Lucas Taylor and Josh Briscoe will share the snaps in the slot.
  • Ainge in Orange is one of 15 semifinalists for the Maxwell Award, which is given to the best player of the year.  Coach Fulmer is one of 15 coaches still in the running for the George Munger coach of the year award.
  • Speaking of Ainge, he's said that he is "100% -- right now" that he's going to return to Tennessee for his senior year instead of coming out early for the NFL draft.  Receiver Robert Meachem says he doesn't yet know what he'll decide.
  • Did you know that South Carolina QB Syvelle Newton is second in the SEC in passing efficiency?  Oh, and he can run, too.
  • If you haven't already, check out Volorado's Bowl Expectations diary and the ensuing conversation, which features some mind-bending analysis.
  • You know it's nearly basketball time when SEC Basketball Media Days rolls around.  Finding time for both football and basketball is going to be a challenge, but I'll figure something out.