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Game Day Open Thread

Wow, they really are focusing on the little things.'s Ivan Maisel is a fly on the wall on Tennessee's Sunday after the Alabama game.  Grading tape, wooing recruits, and even picking up stray trash in between all of the bigger things.  Best quote, from coach Cutcliffe on grading Ainge's performance on the pass knocked down by Tide defensive end Keith Saunders:

If he would have slowed down and let him get into the lane he's throwing in, it's a d--- touchdown," Cutcliffe says. "I'm going to give him a triple d--- minus here.

If you have ESPN Insider access, be sure to have a look at their Scout preview.  The Vols are given the edge in all categories except running back (Cory Boyd is averaging 5.4 yads per carry behind a solid offensive line), special teams, and coaching.  Key matchups are Arron Sears v. SC defensive end Casper Brinkley, Robert Meachem v. SC cornerback Fred Bennett, and SC wide receiver Sidney Rice v. Jonathan Wade.

Post your gameday thoughts in the comment section below.

Go Vols!