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BlogPoll Final: week six

All right, here's the final. I think some of my deltas are wrong. Due to an error in the balloting process, I think that this poll is being compared not to last week's poll, but to the poll for the week prior to that. Somewhere, Brian is examining hanging chads. Then again, it looks like I've been labeling my BlogPoll posts with incorrect week numbers, or at least week numbers that don't match Brian's, so who knows? Numbers: why lawyers choose law school.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan 1
3 Auburn 1
4 Florida --
5 Southern Cal --
6 Louisville --
7 West Virginia --
8 Louisiana State --
9 Texas --
10 Georgia --
11 Tennessee 5
12 Oregon 2
13 Cal 6
14 Notre Dame 2
15 Clemson 6
16 Oklahoma 1
17 Georgia Tech 9
18 Iowa 5
19 Virginia Tech 8
20 Florida State 2
21 Boise State 5
22 Nebraska 5
23 Missouri 3
24 Rutgers 2
25 Boston College 5

Dropped Out: TCU (#18), Arizona State (#23), Penn State (#24), Alabama (#25).

1. Ohio State. Beating ranked teams at their house since September 9th!

2. Michigan. Feature victory still the beat down of then No. 2 Notre Dame, but subsequent solid wins over decent teams looking pretty good.

3. Auburn. Hmm. Tough to call between Auburn and Florida. Tubberville's win over LSU is surely better than Meyer's win over the Vols. Then again, Florida didn't almost lose to a team it should have beaten well. Giving the nod to Auburn here primarily due to Tubberville's display of the killer instinct against South Carolina. A back-breaking drive followed by an early onside kick? Followed by several fourth down conversions when conventional wisdom was screaming field goal from the cheap seats? When a team can claim an entire quarter, that's something special.

4. Florida. One point win over Tennessee looking pretty solid, but mostly just hanging on ahead of Southern Cal because of the Trojan's near miss this weekend

5. Southern Cal. Lost a little luster this week, IMO. What have they really done so far but beat a pedestrian Cornhusker?

6. Louisville. I don't know. Marquee win to date was over . . . Miami. Well, then. On the other hand, their logo has teeth, so that's something. November 4 looms large.

7. West Virginia. The win and margin of victory columns look good. The opponents, not so much: Marshall, E. Washington, Maryland, E. Carolina. Whoop-dee-do. Like I said, November 4 looms large.

8. LSU. The Tigers' loss to Auburn is still looking better, a little, than Texas' to Ohio State.

9. Texas. We will know a lot more after this weekend.

10. Georgia. Is Georgia beginning to abuse the Evaluation Period Exception to the Rule Against 2QB Systems?   Will the old axiom hold true this weekend against the Vols? Will the team with the more experienced QB win?

11. Tennessee. A one-point loss to a solid Gator team is better than Oregon's asterisked win over then No. 15 Oklahoma.

12. Oregon. A 48-13 thrashing of Arizona State is a thin layer of white out over the asterisk next to the Oklahoma W.

13. California. Bears making Vols look good on a weekly basis.

14. Notre Dame. I dare you to try to figure this team out. An early win over Georgia Tech is looking better as the weeks progress. The huge margin of victory over Penn State is looking more . . . marginal. The huge margin of defeat versus Michigan is looking justified. Solid victory over Purdue. Hmmm. Throw a dart.

15. Clemson. Must be kicking themselves for that one-point loss at BC.

16. Oklahoma. Sooners are likely to find their first real loss of the season this week against the Longhorns.

17. Georgia Tech. GT at Clemson looking to be the matchup of the season this year in the ACC.

18. Iowa. The crowd looked good Saturday.

19. Virginia Tech. Weren't a couple of key players suspended for the loss to Georgia Tech? If so, I wouldn't count Beamer's boys out.

20. Florida State.

21. Boise State. Look at their schedule. Do we know these people?

22. Nebraska.

23. Missouri.

24. Rutgers.

25. Boston College.

Games I saw: Auburn-South Carolina, Tennessee-Memphis, Alabama-Florida, most of Buckeyes-Hawkeyes, some of Georgia-Ole Miss, Michigan-Minnesota.