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Rocky Top Talking Points: Georgia Tuesday edition

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Get your Tuesday talking points right here!

  • Injuries: Arron Sears sat out most of the second half against Memphis with a left ankle sprain and left elbow sprain.  Right guard Anthony Parker left early with a right ankle sprain, and center Michael Frogg injured his left ankle.  Sears is expected to play against Georgia.
  • Reps for the pups: Chase Nelson played late in the game at defensive end against Memphis.  Walter Fisher played some at tackle.
  • Tennessee's running game looked a lot better against Memphis, but was it because we were using a different scheme or using a different back?  Perhaps we were just playing against a different team, hmmm?
  • Fulmer says Georgia's defense is the best in the SEC.  He'll probably say that about LSU in a few weeks, too.
  • UT is a 2.5 point favorite over Georgia.
  • Georgia defensive end Charles Johnson has been named the SEC's Defensive Lineman of the week.
  • Check out this quote from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

    So Joe Tereshinski is most likely coming back this week as the starter. My immediate thoughts are that this is a positive thing for Georgia. Sure, Tereshinski isn't the most physically gifted of Georgia's quarterbacks, but he is the oldest and wisest.

    Five games into the season, and the Bulldogs are still going back and forth between the older, wiser QB and the younger, more talented ones.  Oh, and it looks like their receivers can't catch.  Does any of this sound familiar?