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Hail Mary Haiku: Georgia Bulldog edition

We're going to get started with the Hail Mary Haiku early this week.  Corn from a Jar and I tied for first last week:

Rocky Top Talk

Which of many ways
Will we skin these Memphis cats?
Sharpen knives for Dawgs.

Corn from a Jar

'96 was fluke
Goalposts safe this century
Kevin Cobb was down

My vote went to Smitty, who posted this:

Party on Beale Friday
Beat Memphis on Saturday at noon
Beale again that night

Here's the concept for new players who want to get in the game: You're behind by a touchdown or more at midfield. Only one second remains on the clock, and you have to heave the ball into a mass of players in the end zone and hope that one of your guys comes down with it. Oh, and bonus points for actually observing the traditional 5-7-5 format for haikus. Free form haikus are allowed, though. This is, after all, a desperation play. I'll post the entries tomorrow morning along with a poll so's we can vote for a winner.


Loser with Socks, who's been ramped up about Georgia since last week, had this week's first entry by email:

Dawgs come take heed
hedges open, boundaries gone
ward off the evil

Here's mine:

Smokey, who fights bears
Uga, who pants in the shade
Smokey wins dog wars

You may need to follow the link for the context on that one.

Enter yours below, and pass the invitation to enter along to others. I'll post all of the entries and open up the voting either Friday night or first thing Saturday morning.