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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Georgia Hail Mary Haiku, Part I

We have a lot of good ones to choose from this week, including some submitted by Georgia fans. One problem, though: Too many entries, so I had to split the voting into two posts. Click on "Entry Link" below to vote.

Here are the entries:

Loser with Socks

Dawgs come take heed
hedges open, boundaries gone
ward off the evil

Rocky Top Talk

Smokey, who fights bears
Uga, who pants in the shade
Smokey wins dog wars


They play old Joe T
But the QB doesn't matter
That's why Georgia sucks

Rusty at the Georgia Podcast Network (but a Vol fan)

Bulldogs need an edge,
here's Quincy Carter's advice:
Crack's good for touchdowns.

Corn from a Jar

35 UT
points, many of which come from
LaMarcus Coker

Heavy Lunch, I
New Horror movie:
Children of the Corn Liquor
Ending: Georgia wins

The 8th Maxim

Georgia Bulldog yelp
Green hedges safe? Not at all
We stomp, Haynesworth style

downthefield, who also came up with the phrase "Hike! Oooh"

Our corn is from jars
but these hungry Volunteers
open up a can

Heavy Lunch, II

Likkered-up dirtnecks
Passed out in streets of Athens
Orange same shade as puke

Vol Abroad

Underdog or not
Smokey is winning mascot
As your dawg don't hunt