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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Georgia Hail Mary Haiku, Part II

Second batch of Hail Mary Haiku entries, these from over at Loser with Socks. The first batch is here. Click on "Entry Link" below to vote.

These come from the comment section over at Loser with Socks:


Oh KreggBlumpkin
with such a short time to star
till Karl deletes

Mark Richt owns Fat Phil
UT's glory days are gone
Get used to 3rd place


Sidewalk scooters
Licensed street Dawgs beware
Hurtling through Danny wares


Captain CMR your orders
clarify and classify
99 red go


overclocking redpants
more corrupt than Bama
my windows have closed

Doug, from Hey Jenny Slater

Good news: Vols suck no
more; bad news: It was really
Cutcliffe all along